WOMEN – Oceania Teams (2016 Rio Olympic Qualification Process)

Women’s Teams – Oceani   by Derek Wei

After Australia left the Oceania Confederation in 2006, New Zealand happily claim the rein in OFC region. Eight teams were part of the 2016 OFC Women’s’ Olympic Qualifying Tournament. The other seven teams (besides New Zealand) first competed in the 2015 Pacific Games, which served as the first stage of the OFC Qualification Tournament. And the winner eventually took on New Zealand, who automatically advanced to the 2nd stage.

1: New Zealand

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History and Fun Facts

Thanks to Australia’s left from OFC, New Zealand started to appear on the international stage after 2006. They were first featured at Beijing 2008, although they were eliminated at the group stage. They then qualified again for London 2012, and was able to advance to knockout stage before losing to USA.

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New Zealand’s Journey to Rio

As mentioned about, New Zealand directly qualified for the second round (the final round actually..) of the OFC Qualifying Tournament. They encountered Papua New Guinea in the final round, and put on a show with a stunning 7-1 victory in the first leg. The Papua New Guinea later withdrew from the second leg game due to visa issues, allowing New Zealand to won their trip to Rio with just playing one game!

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