WOMEN – North, Central American and Caribbean Teams (2016 Rio Olympic Qualification Process)

Women’s Teams – North, Central America and Caribbean  by Derek Wei

Eight teams competed in the 2016 CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying Championship, which was held in Texas, USA. Team Canada and USA eventually won their tickets to Rio.

1: USA

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History and Fun Facts

Probably no one would disagree with the statement that, USA has simply THE best Women’s Soccer Team throughout the past two decades. The team competed in all of the five Olympic Women Soccer Tournament, and took home gold medals for four times!!

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USA’s Journey to Rio

There’s not that much to write about this team to be honest, as they pretty much dominated every single game that they played during the qualification process (5-0 against Costa Rica, 10-0 against Puerto Rico, 5-0 against Trinidad and Tobago..) Team USA are literally in a league of their own..

2: Canada

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History and Fun Facts

Relatively a newbee to the Olympic Games comparing with USA, the Canadian Team first competed in Beijing 2008 Olympics. Their performance however, were pretty impressive, as they reach quarter-final games in 2008 (lose to USA), and won the 3rd place in 2012.

2766106_full-lnd Image retrieved from FIFA Website

Canada’s Journey to Rio

Being at the same Confederation with Team USA is probably not very fun, but Canada was managed to go through that. Also lossless during the group stage, they took over Costa Rica in Semi-finals and booked their tickets to Rio. They did lose to USA in the final games (0-2). Buy hey, as long as they secured the seat at Rio, who would care about that single game loss.

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