Tunisia Manager

Nabil Maâloul

Nabil Maâloul was appointed manager of Tunisia in April of 2017, though this is not his first time coaching the Tunisian team. During his player career, he played at various clubs in Tunisia and made 28 appearances as a midfielder for German club Hannover 96. He was also capped 74 times for Tunisia, scoring 11 times. As a manager, he spent many years managing various Tunisian and Qatari clubs. He also worked as an assistant for the Tunisian national team and coach of the Olympic team in 2004. After this, he also coached the Tunisian team in 2013 and the Kuwait team from 2014-2017. He won 12 major titles as a player in Tunisia and 5 as a manager in Qatar and Tunisia. This is Tunisia’s first WC qualification since 2006, and fifth all time. Maâloul came in to replace Henryk Kasperczak and recently had his contract extended to 2022 as a reward for qualifying for the 2018 WC. Tunisia is one of the more unlikely competitors in this year’s world cup, so Maâloul’s qualifying has been a feat in itself that deserves respect. Then again, he recently came out and said England is one of the favorites to win the World cup, so maybe he’s not so smart after all.




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