Ukraine: Group Analysis and Match-Ups

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Match 1: Germany

The only feasible way of playing such a domin ent team is by counter-attacking. I can suggest some strategic twists and moves, but will they work on Germany? Probably not, because they usually beat everyone in the group stage earning their well-deserved 9 points. Germany is not like Italy or Spain that constantly gift a few points to group stage opponents but still make it to the play-offs. Germany is different: they are systematic and need to make sure they win every game to get to the play-off from the first place to get a weaker opponent. Fomenko might try to use Konoplyanka and Yarmolenko in lightning counter-attacks but they will surely have to convert each shot into a goal; there will not be a second chance.

Match 2: Northern Ireland

Ukraine should not have any problems against Northern Ireland, as they play a typical British football with a focus on high endurance. Ukraine has already tied England two times 2 years ago, and they know how to play against similar teams. Also, this upcoming Euro is Northern Ireland’s first major football competition since 1986, and their lack of experience might result in lack of results.

Match 3: Poland

Before discussing possible outcomes of this game, recall that best 3rd ranked teams will still make it to the play-offs. Let’s hope that it is indeed the case with these two teams as both play beautiful and smart football. Lewandowski and Co will definitely exhaust Ukrainian defenders, as their love for high press combines well with their through ball culture.

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