Iceland: Key Players

Written by Brian Koh

Gylfi Sigurdsson


Gylfi Sigurdsson is the current ace of Iceland and his club team Swansea City. This 26 year old Icelandic player. Growing up as an “indoor kid,” Sigurdsson was able to play in a comfortable environment with great organizational support. As a result, he was able to start his professional football career pretty early in his age unlike most of the former and older players. He started his career in Reading at the age of 16 and was later sold to Hoffenheim with a club record price. Later, he returned to England and played for Tottenham and Swansea. He is now back in Swansea.

Despite his role as a central midfielder, Sigurdsson has scored more than ten goals for Swansea this season. He was also the player with most goals in the qualifying group A. There is no doubt that he would be a serious threat to all the opponents.


Eidur Gudjohnsen


This pick was based on both my personal preference and respect. A hands down legend who played for Barca and Chelsea, Gudjohnsen is the most celebrated player in Iceland without doubt. Yet, due to his somewhat unfortunate nationality, just like Ryan Giggs of Wales, he has not had any chance to shine in any kind of major international football tournaments. Euro 2016 will be Gudjohnsen’s first and last chance.

However, in spite of all the glorious words I used to describe Gudjohnsen’s career, it is not even clear if he would make it to the final roster for the 2016 EURO. Some of you may ask why I chose this guy, considering his current status within the national team. But like I mentioned above, this pick was based on my subjective point of view. I strongly believe that Gudjohnsen can still be a threat with his killer-instinct as a striker and his unmatched experience against other legendary players.


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