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“Carlos Delgado; CC-BY-SA”

As part of FC Barcelona’s first team, Arda Turan’s credentials speak volumes about his skill on the pitch. In the midfield his ball control, dribbling, and vision helped fuel Atletico Madrid’s title run in 2014 and has placed him on the list of top 100 footballers in the world for the past two years. Based on his ability to influence the game alone Turan would already be a key player to watch from the Turkish national team, but what makes him fall in this category even more than before is his status for Barcelona. While he has received an ample amount of playing time this season, his inability to consistently make Luis Enrique’s starting XI has fueled rampant speculation he would seek a move elsewhere until he recently announced that he would stay one more term and try to fight for a starting position, blaming the transfer ban on Barcelona as the reason for his lack of time on the pitch. As the midfield leader for a national team ranked 21 in the world by FIFA, expectations were already high but his club decision adds even more pressure to excel this summer as his performance in the Euros will be his first true audition for a more prominent role within the Barcelona organization. It will be interesting to see if Turan thrives or cracks under the additional pressure because the success of the national team will most likely follow suit.

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Written By: Austin Tran and Chris Arora


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