Brazil: Dani Alves

Source: Ronnie Macdonald (Wikimedia Commons)

Source: Ronnie Macdonald
(Wikimedia Commons)

Ever since he was a little boy, Daniel Alves knew that he would be a world known name someday. As a kid Dani signed his name all over the house, even on the walls claiming that the world would one day know his name. He was born in Juaziero, Brazil, where he was one of four brothers [1]. Dani “was not like other kids,” so his father, Domingos Alves Da Silva, states [1]. Dani woke up at 4 a.m. helping his father in the field and help support his family in any way the he possibly could [1].

While helping support his family, he always made time to play the sport he loved with his friends. Due to the training facilities being too far away from his village, his father started their own football team where Alves played with players much older than him. With playing with older players, Alves skill set developed at a rapid rate. Jose Carlos Quiroz, the head coach of the Palmeiras de Satire, asked Alves to move to Bahia to train with the team [1]. Alves was assigned to the junior team and was later moved up to the first team. 2001 in the Brazilian Championship, Alves made his professional debut and has been a major key to their success ever since [1].


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