Howler: A Magazine About Soccer – Jake Seau

The Howler is like no other soccer magazine. A crossbreed of a typical soccer magazine and “Deadspin”, Howler offers viewers, listeners, and readers an aspect of the game that they cannot find anywhere else. Though a printed version is offered, the website is what the focus of this page will be. Full of content ranging from player interviews, in depth analysis, and podcasts the online magazine seems to have it all. Soccer fanatics in over 25 countries subscribe to the online source, which is extremely impressive considering that the first issue was created in July of 2012, beginning as a simple Kickstarter project. Focused on content driven story-telling and lively interactive podcasts the creators of the online magazine have created a platform that is inviting to all soccer fans, and even those who are not. The website offers an easy-to-read style that is inviting to all, not to mention the alluring headlines and titles that fill the site. At the top of the homepage you will be directed to several different sections, stories, podcasts, dirty tackle, about, contact, show, and lastly subscribe. The content driven sections of stories and podcasts are where the website really shines. Headlined with hilarious interviews, and opinionated commentary, you will find all you need here.

Stories Section

When hopping onto the website, The Howler offers an extremely easy to navigate homepage with several sections listed at the top. One of my favorites to view is the “Stories” section. In this part of the website, users will be exposed to a host of titles related to soccer, ranging from player performances such as “Breaking Down Alphonse Areola’s exceptional performance against Real Madrid”, to lighter titles such as “John Stones and Noel Gallagher create a bizarre FIFA playlist together”. I specifically chose these articles because they show the two sides of The Howler in that it offers legit in depth analysis, as well as comedic light hearted stories.

My favorite story line would definitely be “MLS apologizes to Atlanta United player for releasing Valentine’s Day photo” because it is absolutely hilarious. Josef Martinez was unfortunately the MLS player who’s valentines day photo was released to the public in probably one of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing poses. Apparently the MLS was trying to encourage fans to create their own Valentines Day images and though using Josef’s was a good idea. Unfortunately Martinez was not as happy.

You can find the link here: MLS apologizes to Atlanta United Player

Several other of my favorite stories are listed below.

  1. Benjamin Mendy’s GoPro celebration was the best part of the Carabao Cup
  2. Two fans of rival clubs show the world how football can inspire and unify – Really cool story showing a lighter side of the website as well as the importance of soccer in peoples lives.
  3. Man United’s biggest January signing: This tractor – Funny article full of satire and sarcasm


When entering the Podcasts section, online users will see six different subsets within it. What is cool about these podcasts is that they all offer something different for the online user. Whether they are interested in something a little more serious with scores and politics, or they want something more casual with comedy and satire they can find it. These include:

  1. Dummy – “Interviews with smart soccer people” This podcast is done by Geoge Quaraishi who interview soccer journalists, managers, players, and activists. Essentially, this podcast looks at the business, politics, history, personalities, and social issues all related to soccer.
  2. Howler Radio  – “Hilarious and Heartbreaking stories about soccer” This one’s pretty basic but has all the necessities for entertainment. News and stories that are all about soccer.
  3. Dirty Tackle – “Football. Culture. Nonsense.” Based on the idea that soccer is taking too seriously, this podcast is simple, easy to listen to, and comedic. A relaxing take on soccer.
  4. The Mixed Zone – “The Wild World of WoSo” Everything you need to know about women’s soccer all put together in one convenient source.
  5. The Double Pivot – “Analysis and Analytics” It has all the numbers and facts you need. It also has some funny moments and jokes sprinkled in.
  6. The Play – “Field Level Commentary” Interesting takes on plays made on the pitch by people who know what they’re talking about (players, analysts, ex-professionals)

To sum it up this website has just about everything a soccer fan could want. A touch of sarcasm and humor, as well as hard-hitting interviews and analytics. The Howler has created a name for itself and solidified itself as one of the go-to sources of soccer. Perhaps not made for the most intense soccer fan who wants to be absorbed by numbers and analytics, but really created for the all around soccer fan who wants to enjoy content.