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¿Es justo el Balón de Oro?

Antes de entrar en detalle sobre tema título del artículo, explicaré brevemente qué es el Balón de Oro y cómo surgió, como una pequeña introducción para aquellos fanáticos “light” del futbol o que son nuevos en estos temas. El Balón de Oro es un premio que fue creado en el año 1956 por la revista… Read More »

Soccer and the Stock Market: C. Ronaldo’s Impact on Juventus

When soccer fans typically think about ownership of the top clubs in Europe, people imagine billionaires such as Roman Abramovich (Chelsea), the Glazers (Manchester United), and Stanley Kroenke (Arsenal). However, what might not come immediately to mind are people like you and me. Football clubs used to earn the majority of their revenue simply from… Read More »

Ronaldo contro la Juventus

Lo so che la speranza in Torino prima della partita della Juventus contro Real Madrid sia stata alta, però per me, quando ho visto che Juventus dovevano giocare contro Real Madrid, ho pensato, uffa.  Uffa, e basta.  Non devo dire niente di più, perché sfortunatamente, da tifosa della Juventus, sono stato corretta.  Ma ancora, sono… Read More »

Behind the Scenes of a Soccer Powerhouse with Netflix’s First Team: Juventus

This past February, Netflix released the documentary First Team: Juventus, chronicling the Italian side’s journey through the 2017-2018 season. In the process, Netflix seeks to capture the team’s ethos, history, and the lives of individual players. As the first Netflix series about association soccer, First Team represents the sport’s steadily increasing popularity and influence. Source: Netflix… Read More »

Who Will Win the Pogba Sweepstakes?

Drawing inspiration from Alikhan Mukhamedi’s post regarding possible replacements for Pogba, I will consider the potential landing spots if he departs the Bianconeri this summer. Suitor #1: FC Barcelona None of the current midfielders for Barcelona: Rafinha, Busquets, Iniesta, Rakitic, and Turan present an obstacle to adding Paul Pogba. With Iniesta turning 32 in a month,… Read More »

Square+R2, or Look at His Dab.

Adolfo Dybala always wanted his children to become professional football players. Two older brothers could not make their father’s dream come true, so Adolfo decided to invest all possible resources into his youngest son, Paulo. Both of them had to drive 35 miles from their hometown, Laguna Larga, to Cordoba everyday. Laguna Larga was such a small… Read More »