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Retour du Foot en Égypte

Suivant les quarante jours de deuils après les débandades létales du Caire tuant autours de 30 spectateurs, les autorités Égyptiennes ont décidées d’autoriser la continuation des matches, mais en stades privés et fermés aux supporteurs. Les émeutes du 8 Février auparavant du match long attendu entre Zamalek et ENPPI dans la Coup Egyptiennes au Stade Défense… Read More »

Bob Bradley

We spoke briefly about Bob Bradley today, and I wanted to share this clip of him being interviewed by John Oliver on The Daily Show over the summer.  It does a good job of illuminating both the themes we’ve discussed in class (soccer as a vehicle of political mobilization, the universality of the sport, etc)… Read More »

The Resurrection of the Pharaohs

  According to the US State Department, there are 194 countries in the world. FIFA, as an international organization, acknowledges even more countries than the US, honoring 209 different nations and peoples the distinct privilege of having their own national team to support and cherish. Of those 209 national teams, only 32 teams qualify for… Read More »

Remembering Algeria vs. Egypt

As we enter into several days of World Cup qualifying matches, it’s worth returning to some of the more dramatic moments of the 2010 qualifiers. This excellent short documentary (brought to my attention by Peter Alegi, editor of the blog Football is Coming Home) brings us back Algeria’s qualification. Their victory of Egypt incited mass… Read More »

The Ultras, the Military, and the Revolution

The violence at Port Said last night has generated enormous commentary on twitter, and a beginning of media coverage of varying quality. One of the best summaries came last night at The Lede blog of New York Times — it’s quality largely due to the fact that it is composed of the tweets and videos… Read More »

From the Stadium to the Streets in Egypt

There were several interesting reports this week about the fact that some of the best organized and most effective groups involved in the protests in Egypt came from what some saw as a surprising place: football fan groups. As a report on Gawker noted: “When asked about the role of political groups in organizing protests,… Read More »