Miroslav Klose

Kroos directs the ball the way of Muller, a cheeky touch leads the way to a shot by Klose, a fortunate rebound to the striker, another shot, and the net embraces the ball for a second time that night. Cheers rise from the small German contingency as the now record World Cup scorer runs towards the corner flag and in glorious triumph rises high in the air and performs his acrobatic signature move; an awkward landing does not deter his resolve and the celebration continues as his teammates encircle him. 16 goals divided among participation in 4 World Cups for his homeland, beating Ronaldo’s previous mark of 15, and salting the wounds of the grieving Brazilian fans as they witness their team collapse to a ruthless score line of 7-1. The end of his World Cup journey would not be until the next match against Messi and La Albiceleste.


The final was a hard-fought battle, an unyielding defense prevented a suitable ending for the striker. He was substituted in the 88th minute by Mario Götze, an emblematic moment, the passing of the torch from the old vanguard to the new generation of Die Mannschaft. Rapturous applause for the dying star making his way to the sideline. As the two exchange places, Klose infused his spirit onto the substitute with an embrace and a war cry. Götze would go on to score the winning goal. At last, the marksman held the ultimate achievement, a prize paid for in goals in over a decade of international duty. Shortly after glory in Brazil he announced his retirement from international play alongside his teammate Philip Lahm.


Klose is a legendary figure in international play for Germany. A hunter, with a deadly header and impeccable positioning. A decider of fate, evading defeat for his team whenever he managed to get on the score sheet. A player stuck in the past, playing a forgotten classic number 9 role, a target to bounce balls off and into the net. A virtuous footballer, once revealing to the detriment of the score line that it was his hand, not his head, that was responsible for the accurate touch that ended in a goal. Miroslav Klose is an idol in every respect, a man with whom success for his people is paramount and legacy well kept.