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Sep 26 2010

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Temples of the Earthbound Gods

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The Football Scholars forum, organized by Alex Galarza at Michigan State University, recently hosted a discussion with Chris Gaffney about his marvelous book on stadia in Latin America. You can read about the event and request access to the audio recording here. Later in the semester look for discussions with David Goldblatt on his magisterial book The Ball is Round.

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Sep 25 2010

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The Global Production and Marketing of Athletes

We had an interesting discussion here last Wednesday on this topic. You can link to the audio of the presentations at itunes-u here: The first two (by me and Achille Mbembe) focus on football in Europe and Africa, and I highly recommend Achille’s intervention, starting at about 15 minutes. He thinks and talks about football a lot, but hasn’t presented on it in an academic context very frequently.Video of the event will be up shortly and I’ll post a link of that here when I can.

And here’s a short summary of the event by Duke Today.

Achille and I will be doing another event specifically on the South Africa World Cup in early November here at Duke.

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