Colombia: David Ospina

Source: Ed g2s (Wikimedia Commons)

Source: Ed g2s
(Wikimedia Commons)

David Ospina, born in Medellin, Colombia got a jump start to his career with Atlético Nacional Jr squad, a professional soccer club in Colombia. Ospina later signed a three-year deal with the senior squad. Ospina played in 97 matches during the 2005/2008 season and quickly made a name for himself as a goalkeeper.

Multiple teams and clubs from Latin America and Europe began to show interest. Ospina signed with OGC Nice, a French associated soccer club. He made over 200 appearances for OGC as a goalie, and that summer he moved to Arsenal. Ospina has been a part of the Colombian national team since 2007, and he continues to be the key leader of the team.


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