Love Letters to DSV

Abigail Grubbs/ June 12, 2024/ 2024

Our First Evening Together. From the beginning, we were all about building community. Whether it was dinners, pool parties, or completely necessary Ross runs, we were always together, trying to get to know each other better. We had no idea where the next 4 weeks would take us, not just academically but also emotionally.

Our First Visit. We hit up Y-Combinator, the acclaimed startup accelerator in the Bay Area. It was only fitting for a summer course where we would be learning about the pervasive ntrepreneurship culture in Silicon Valley. No doubt, a few of us will end up back there, building out the next big venture. (remember me!)

Tesla! Easily a DSV favorite! We took a trolley tour of their 440 acre factory and saw the people, robots, and ro-bats behind the swarms of Teslas zipping through the Bay.

Goooooooo GIANTS! As is custom for many Bay Area Natives, we got to watch the Giants take on the Phillies (we won)! We also had the pleasure of speaking with Bill Schlough, CIO and SVP of the Giants, and heard his exciting journey, from a Duke grad to his current impressive positions. Thanks Bill!!

Annnnnd We’re Out… On the last day of our program, the DSV children gathered one last time for dinner, much like we did at the very beginning. We’re all smiles here, but I’d be lying if I said this day wasn’t bittersweet. Not pictured are all the new friendships and intentional memories we created. We love you DSV!! (sobs)

Thank you Kevin, Abby, Professor Dinin, Dr. Jones, and all the folks that came out to
support the program and made it a wonderful experience 🙂

Kami is a rising junior from Rockville, MD. She’s majoring in Computer Science and pursuing the I&E certificate. She looks forward to being DukeAFRICA’s programming chair as well as continuing to dance with NakisaiADE next year! In her free time, she enjoys rollerskating, making waistbeads, or staying inside to watch a comfort show (shoutout Futurama). She’s excited to explore Silicon Valley for the first time while getting to meet some new people during the program. She’s particularly looking forward to learning more about the union between creativity and technology.

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