Swag & Gifts

BLUF: Requests for signed Coach K basketballs should go through the Dean’s Office at Fuqua. No requests should go directly to Coach K’s Office!

It is possible, but not guaranteed, that requests for Coach K signed basketballs may be fulfilled for high level speakers. Requests should be submitted to the Dean’s Office (pam.layh@duke.edu) and be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

BLUF:  You must use a vendor that is a Duke-approved Licensee to purchase items that include the Duke and/or Fuqua name or logo. This includes (but is not limited to): the Iron Duke D, the Blue Devil, the official Duke or Fuqua logos, and the words "Duke/Duke University and "Fuqua". A full list of Duke trademarks can be found here. All designs must be compliant with Duke and Fuqua guidelines/policies. Your vendor will send your design to the appropriate offices at Duke and/or Fuqua for approval. If you use a vendor that is not a Duke Licensee, they do not have authorization from Duke to use the logos and you may personally have to assume the risk of paying for the order (i.e. you will pay out of pocket for the cost of those goods!). 

Key marketing and communications resources, like the Fuqua Logo Style Guide, the process for ordering Fuqua-branded items, and a listing of recommended vendors can be found on FuquaWorld in the Marketing Resources section (go to the Student Life Section and click "Marketing Resources" underneath Helpful Information). Scroll down to the "Logos" section for help ordering swag (or visit here).

Clubs wishing to purchase a Fuqua-branded item for gifts for a speaker can go to the Accounting Office (W117)  in Fuqua and ask to see their inventory.  Items can be purchased by giving the appropriate fund code from which the funds should come from.  Typical items available include umbrellas, journals, mugs, etc.  Please give advance notice of two to three weeks for larger quantities of thank-you items.

Speaker gifts must be under $100 (which is the Duke limit based on IRS requirements).