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Hosting an Event

COVID-19 Event Guidelines

Last Updated: 9/19/2022

BLUF: At this time, there are no COVID-related restrictions on events hosted on or off-campus. However, as event hosts, we ask you continue to consider the safety and comfort of all potential event guests when designing your event. Here are some guidelines to consider as you plan:

  • Events (of any type/size) DO NOT require approval, but we are more than happy to connect with you to discuss your plans if you have questions or want advice.
  • As of 3/7/22, Duke has lifted the campus mask mandate for extracurricular events. On September 22, 2022, Duke will also be lifting the mask mandate for academic classes, but masks will still be required on Duke vans/buses and clinical or patient areas. All extracurricular events are now “mask optional”. There are many reasons why someone may continue to wear a mask, so be thoughtful in your communications so that everyone, regardless of their masking preferences or needs, will feel comfortable and welcome attending your event.
  • Requiring attendees to get a PCR or rapid test before or after events is not required or recommended
  • Guest guidelines:
    • For all events (on and off-campus), guests who are eligible to be vaccinated are expected to be fully vaccinated. As the event host, you can request to see a copy of a guest’s vaccination card before giving a wristband and/or at the door before letting them into your event, but this is not required. You should not request to see the copy of their vaccination card over email/online for HIPAA reasons.
    • Children under the age of 5 are not eligible to be vaccinated, but may still attend events at Fuqua like Fuqua Friday, if the event hosts are comfortable with this.
    • Similar for students, requiring proof a negative positive PCR test is no longer recommended or required.
    • Guests are also expected to follow any applicable Duke guidelines and restrictions in place at the time of the event they are attending.

Ready to plan your event? In this section of the Fuqua411, you’ll find all the information and resources you need to host a successful event!

In this section, you will find resources and policies related to every major step of planning an event — from reserving space to ordering Fuqua-branded swag.

PageVisit to find information on:
Logistics & PlanningEvent planning best practices, reserving space, copying and printing items, recommended vendors, guest parking and hotel accommodations, shipping event items to Fuqua and more.
CateringFuqua's catering and alcohol policies.
Securing SpeakersInviting speakers to your events.
Promoting your EventUsing the Duke or Fuqua logos on items, creating club banners, and marketing your event to internal and external audiences.
Swag & GiftsPurchasing speaker or guest gifts or ordering Fuqua-branded swag for your club.