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The Duke Student Disability Access Office (SDAO) has been charged with the responsibility of exploring possible coverage and reasonable accommodations for qualified undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who are disabled in compliance with Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008.

The SDAO’s goal is to provide and coordinate accommodations, support services and programs that enable students with disabilities to have equal access to all Duke University programs and activities. Students who wish to be considered for reasonable accommodations at The Fuqua School of Business must identify themselves to the Duke University Student Disability Access Office and become registered in order to receive accommodations. This comprehensive website provides complete policy and procedural information for students requesting to be considered for reasonable accommodations.

Once your registration is finalized and your eligibility for accommodations has been determined, the SDAO will communicate this information to the Disability Support Liaison (DSL) within the Office of Student Life. It is the student’s responsibility to contact OSL to make an appointment to discuss how these accommodations will be implemented here at Fuqua.

The Career Management Center has found certain terms in the job search are particularly effective (or ineffective), so we wanted to prepare a brief glossary to share the terminology we use/avoid and our logic for this substitution. Please join us in adopting this terminology.
Instead of… Say… For example… Reasoning
placement employment “Fuqua’s employment numbers are strong this year.” “Placement” implies that the job seeker’s role is passive and responsibility for a match lies with the school and/or the employer; “employment” does not
still seeking seeking “As graduation approaches, the CMC proactively contacts students whom we believe are still seeking.” “Still” implies deficiency and embarrassment. However, every person’s search is different and many industries do not begin hiring until late spring. Thus, there is no “right” amount of time for one’s job search to extend beyond. “Currently seeking” is acceptable, but “seeking” without a modifier is preferred.
companies employers “The number of employers recruiting MBA students can be overwhelming.” Not all employers are companies; referring to them as such alienates students pursuing non-profit and government organizations, for example
off-campus custom “Angela is targeting the beverage industry. She attended Coke and Pepsi’s presentations at Fuqua, while her Custom search targets are large beverage employers who do not currently visit campus, like Starbucks and Monster.” “Off-campus” suggests 1) a diminished degree of status, 2) a sequential rather than simultaneous pursuit with in-person opportunities on campus, and 3) a lack of institutional support*.
on-campus campus Campus recruiting includes both employers visiting Fuqua in person and those who recruit virtually by creating an online job posting specifically targeted to Fuqua students.” “Campus” encompasses all forms of campus-facilitated recruiting, including campus visits, on-site interviews, and Fuqua-specific job postings. “On-campus” did not clearly include job postings, despite their Fuqua-facilitated nature.
re-recruiting recruiting "Blake didn’t get an offer from their internship, so they will be recruiting this fall/spring.” “Re-recruiting” implies full-time recruiting is an exception rather than an expectation. It also suggests that students actively participating in full-time recruiting are “starting over” rather than simply continuing their search.
* Fuqua’s CMC offers best-in-class Custom job search training as part of FYs’ standard job search curriculum. Many of Fuqua’s peer schools base their own Custom search training on the methodology first taught at Fuqua.
The Fuqua Acronyms Glossary is a quick guide for many of the abbreviations and terms frequently used in the Daytime MBA program at Fuqua.

If you are looking to purchase Fuqua-branded apparel there are several avenues to do so:

  • DukeStore - The "Big Duke" bookstore offers a small selection of Fuqua-branded apparel available for individual purchase. This is available all year long.
  • JB Duke - A limited selection of Duke and Fuqua-branded gear is available at the JB Duke gift shop.
  • The Fuqua Accounting office (W117) carries a small number of items that can be used as gifts for speakers at club events. You can purchase these items using a fund code.
Images licensed for public and third-party use can be found in the “Images for Download” section of the For the Media page on Fuqua’s website.
Check the 2021 Fuqua MBA Housing Guide for information on where current MBA students are living in Durham. The guide breaks down the most popular apartments for Fuqua students, gives reviews on landlords and rental companies, plus information on which locations are best for families, international students, and pets. You can also check Near Duke for even more housing info. Keep in mind that Duke/Fuqua does not specifically endorse any apartment complex or housing arrangement.

BLUF:  You must use a vendor that is a Duke-approved Licensee to purchase items that include the Duke and/or Fuqua name or logo. This includes (but is not limited to): the Iron Duke D, the Blue Devil, the official Duke or Fuqua logos, and the words "Duke/Duke University and "Fuqua". A full list of Duke trademarks can be found here.

All designs must be compliant with Duke and Fuqua guidelines/policies. Your vendor will send your design to the appropriate offices at Duke and/or Fuqua for approval. If you use a vendor that is not a Duke Licensee, they do not have authorization from Duke to use the logos and you may personally have to assume the risk of paying for the order (i.e. you will pay out of pocket for the cost of those goods!).

Key marketing and communications resources, like the Fuqua Logo Style Guide, the process for ordering Fuqua-branded items, and a listing of recommended vendors can be found on FuquaWorld in the Marketing Resources section (go to the Student Life Section and click "Marketing Resources" underneath Helpful Information). Scroll down to the "Logos" section for help ordering swag (or visit here).

There are several notaries at Fuqua that students can use; please contact the following if you need something notarized:
Name Department Email
Sharon Campen Daytime Registrar sharon.campen@duke.edu
Barbara Baxter CMC barbara.baxter@duke.edu
Brenda Harris Admissions brenda.r.harris@duke.edu
Pam White Daytime Registrar pamela.white@duke.edu
Stefanie McAdoo Faculty Support smcaddo@duke.edu
Mary Catherine McKee BMO mary.catherine.mckee@duke.edu
Kimberly Stewart BMO kimberly.stewart@duke.edu

Social Media:

Fuqua’s primary social media accounts and other school affiliated accounts can be found here.

Hashtags for Twitter and Instagram:
  • #TeamFuqua
    • Amplifying the collaborative school culture
  • #FuquaTravels
    • On the road? Share a photo or experience
  • #FuquaServes
    • Share your community service or volunteering experiences with Habitat, Day in Durham, etc.
  • #FuquaBound
    • Used by Admissions to welcome admitted students, and by the admits themselves to announce or preview their enrollment and/or arrival
  • #DukeStudents
    • Good to include on photos that feature students. @DukeU and @DukeStudents accounts watch that hashtag and might repost the photo
  • #PictureDuke
    • Used primarily for scenic campus photos, but can also be used to showcase student and @DukeStudents accounts watch that hashtag and might repost the photo
Mention Us:
  • Tag @DukeFuqua on Twitter or Instagram and Marketing might add your voice to our social media mix by sharing your post. We love it when you share your student experience on social media, and in addition to tagging us, use the various geotags in Instagram and Snapchat to show your school pride.
  • Students are the eyes and ears of the school, and another way to contribute is by contacting the Marketing department directly by email (social-media@fuqua.duke.edu) with:

– Photos – Quotes – Links to interesting articles – Anything else you think is worth sharing

Please help us tell the story right by sending as many details as possible.

There are several areas to consider when searching for student employment opportunities at Duke and Fuqua:

  1. Most internal positions for Research Assistants and Teacher Assistants are communicated directly to our students by the Faculty or Departments.  Feel free to speak directly with Faculty about opportunities they may have.
  2. Contact Anthony Keller in Fuqua HR about potential opportunities.
  3. Search the DukeList site, a Duke classifieds site that students can review for employment opportunities