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Promoting your Event

Recommended Vendors:

The BMO does not print retractable banners or large color posters. Here are some recommended vendors:

FedEx: FedEx Office Print & Ship Center:

  • 610 9th St, Durham
  • 919.286.1000
  • 32X80 banners are between $190 - $240.

Ad Resources: www.adresourcesinc.com 


  • The MBAA Reimbursement Policy stipulates that banners should be designed to be used over multiple years, so you are discouraged from using the date or current sponsors on your banner.
  • If you plan to use the Duke or Fuqua Logo, please be sure you are following the style guide rules as outlined in the section below.

BLUF:  You must use a vendor that is a Duke-approved Licensee to purchase items that include the Duke and/or Fuqua name or logo. This includes (but is not limited to): the Iron Duke D, the Blue Devil, the official Duke or Fuqua logos, and the words "Duke/Duke University and "Fuqua". A full list of Duke trademarks can be found here.

All designs must be compliant with Duke and Fuqua guidelines/policies. Your vendor will send your design to the appropriate offices at Duke and/or Fuqua for approval. If you use a vendor that is not a Duke Licensee, they do not have authorization from Duke to use the logos and you may personally have to assume the risk of paying for the order (i.e. you will pay out of pocket for the cost of those goods!). 

Key marketing and communications resources, like the Fuqua Logo Style Guide, the process for ordering Fuqua-branded items, and a listing of recommended vendors can be found on FuquaWorld in the Marketing Resources section (go to the Student Life Section and click "Marketing Resources" underneath Helpful Information). Scroll down to the "Logos" section for help ordering swag (or visit here).

Now that your event has been planned, it’s time to think about how you want to get the word out about your event.

Here are some recommended ways to market your event to Fuqua students (and faculty/staff):

  • Create an event in FuquaConnect and make viewable to the desired Fuqua groups. All students, faculty, and staff have FuquaConnect accounts already. You should make your event visible to "Students & staff at FuquaConnect" if you want your event to show on the main FuquaConnect event feed (you can control who is able to register to attend your event in the RSVP settings). All student club events should be created in FuquaConnect for greater visibility of events happening across campus as soon as the event date is approved and/or known (simplifies scheduling and de-conflicting events, a win-win for all!).
  • Promo your event using the class Facebook groups or Slack channels. We recommend including a link to your FuquaConnect event to facilitate RSVPing. Additional guidance on event promotion across Fuqua's various communications channel is coming soon from the MBAA VP of Communications.
  • Email announcements: send a blurb about your event to be included in section newsletters (typically published Sunday), club newsletters, or the Fuqua This Week (managed by the MBAA VP of Communications). Submit requests for the Fuqua This Week via the form in the MBAA FuquaConnect page.
  • Printed Flyers: post flyers on the bulletin boards in the Mallway or in the locker bays (up to two weeks ahead of event). Do NOT post flyers on walls, columns, or other non-bulletin board space. Please remove all flyers the day after your event concludes.
  • Mallway Digital Flyers: create a slide to be featured on rolling slide deck on monitors in Mallway and in Fox. Generally, requests should be received 2 weeks prior to your event. Can submit your request via the form in the MBAA FuquaConnect page.
  • Tabling in Fox: see additional information in the "Tabling in Fox" section below.
Hosting an event and interested in having alumni attend?  Here are a few items to consider:
  • Timeline for promotion: The ideal promotional window to engage alumni is 4 to 6 weeks prior to your function.
  • Promotion channels: Email alumni-relations@fuqua.duke.edu to discuss potential channels for promoting your event to the alumni community. Possible options may include:
  • Registration page: If you are asking for particular registration types (student, alumni, community), be sure to include “alumni” as a potential type. Include a way for them to provide their class year and program
  • Fee difference: If you are charging a fee, consider if alumni tickets would be at the same rate as other participants and set fees accordingly
  • Event materials: If you are making nametags or notating alumni participation in event materials. See below to learn how to properly notate Duke and Fuqua degrees.
  • Event participation: Provide Development and Alumni Relations with a list of alumni registrants. This allows alumni relations staff potentially to engage with alumni while they are on campus. Following your event, provide a list of alumni attendees so that Development and Alumni Relations can track their engagement with Fuqua.

If you'd like to share your event more broadly with Duke or the broader Durham community, consider these resources:

  • Contact Fuqua Social Media (Fuqua Marketing Department) if you'd like guidance on social media strategy for your event, or if you think the event might be something that could be featured on Fuqua's official social media channels.
    • Fuqua's social media channels generally don't post content that is exclusively or blatantly focused on driving student attendance to events.
    • What typically is more appropriate for these channels is content from events that would be of interest to people outside of the Fuqua community, particularly prospective students. There are creative ways to accomplish this and still raise event awareness among students.
  • Contact Public Relations (Fuqua Marketing Department) if you think your event would be of interest to the general public.
    • Students sometimes engage in activities or bring in speakers that attract interest beyond our community. Fuqua's PR department can help with promotion strategies as well as managing publicity efforts.
    • The PR department can help manage media relations, create content for Fuqua and Duke Platforms, coordinate with social media efforts, and design publicity strategies.
    • Contact PR when you're bringing in a high-profile speaker, if you're interested in inviting media to your event or activity, when your club is doing something of interest to people outside of Fuqua, or if you would like help determining the best overall promotional strategy.
  • Please note: Fuqua's Marketing department does NOT professionally photograph events, set up A/V equipment, or film events. Fuqua's Multimedia department can assist with A/V and filming.
  • See the Logo Use section above for information on designing items that feature the Fuqua or Duke logo.
  • Exterior event signage to help guests navigate to parking may be requested through Duke University Parking & Transportation Services, along with your event parking needs. There will be a charge for these exterior signs.

When referencing Fuqua or Duke alumni in emails, flyers, posters, web sites, FuquaConnect events, etc. etc.

Use of Alumnus, Alumni, Alumna, or Alumnae

  • Use alumnus when referring to a man who has attended a school.
  • Use alumna when referring to a woman who has attended a school.
  • Use alumni when referring to a group of men and women, or a group of only men.
  • Use alumnae when referring to a group of women.

Listing of Names and Graduation Years

All alumni of Duke/Fuqua, including faculty and staff, should be notated as such in all print and web instances. Only degrees earned at Duke University and/or Fuqua should be listed behind a person’s name.

For an undergraduate alumna/alumnus of Duke only:

The undergraduate alumnus/a’s name followed by degree and then the year of graduation.

  • John Smith ’12

For an alumna/alumnus of Fuqua only:

The graduate’s name followed by graduate degree (regardless of program) and then the year of graduation.

  • John Smith MBA ’17
  • Jane Smith MMS ’09

For an alumna/alumnus with multiple Duke Degrees:

List abbreviated graduate degree(s) following undergraduate degree, separated by commas.

  • John Smith ’95, MBA ’00
  • John Smith ’95, MBA ’00, JD ’01

Be sure to check the Duke Alumni Directory and the Fuqua Alumni Directory for accurate degree information and graduation years.  Your NetID and password are required to access both of these directory resources.

If you are unable to find alumni using the directories, please contact Club-ExtEngage@fuqua.duke.edu for help.

BLUF: Request for directional signage go through the BMO at events-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu . There is a form to fill out. Requests should be made at least 48 hours prior to your event.

The BMO will provide directional signage for your event. Email events-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu and they will send you a signage request form. Please fill out the form with the exact words you want the sign to say, and the starting and ending locations for each section of your event. The BMO will then place signage throughout the building as appropriate to direct your guests to the event.

Clubs or student groups looking to utilize the the tables in Fox (just before the stairs and near the donor wall screens) to promote events or sell tickets should complete the sign up form in the MBAA FuquaConnect page. Doing so helps the MBAA understand tabling needs and ensure adequate space is available for all groups.

Clubs are encouraged to use the digital screen located behind the tables and large retractable banners during tabling to limit the use of paper materials while tabling. After you finish tabling, please remove or discard all materials: store banners in the club closet and take down/recycle all left over signs, flyers or other items. All materials should be removed by the end of the lunch period of the last day you are tabling.