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Meet our Team

The Daytime MBA Office of Student Life (OSL) works to support and enhance your MBA student experience. We manage your orientation, graduation, and the day-to-day stuff in between – including health and wellness programming, academic accommodations, resources for personal and academic obstacles, and support for your MBAA and student organizations. We are also a central hub of information, so if you don’t know where to go for something, come to us and we can help you find the right information!

Get to know our team!

Ruth Tolman is the Director of Student Life, leading new initiatives, advising the MBAA, and generally making sure our MBA students are as happy as possible here. Random Fact: Has a degree in Biochemistry and, while she has since come to her senses and earned her MBA from Fuqua, she remains a super-nerd about science.

Sara Wakefield, Associate Director of Student Life, provides and supports outstanding extra and co-curricular experiences for our Daytime MBA students – from leading the Fuqua on Board program to advising and mentoring our MBAA and club leaders. Random Fact: She was once featured on the cover of Durham’s Indy magazine doing yoga… with goats!

Madeline Dreher, Assistant Director of Student Life, focuses on student wellness, advising and counseling students and managing accommodations all while working with the team to execute a variety of great student life programming and events. Random Fact: She was raised a KU Jayhawk and while she tries her best to be a good Blue Devil, sometimes she can’t help but “Wave the Wheat!”

Ava Judd, Office Coordinator, is the first face you’ll see when you enter the Daytime MBA program office and provides administrative and operational support to the entire team – including assisting in planning and executing major events like Orientation and Graduation. Random Fact: The highlights of her life are being involved in ministry and community outreach and spoiling her granddaughter, Aree!

Brittany Patterson, Project Specialist, plays a critical role supporting the Office of Student Life, Daytime Registrars, and International Programs Office. She leads or assists our teams with programs and events, communications and website management, student record and administrative support. Random Fact: At any given time, she is probably reading at least 5 books from all different genres. 

Carly Woolard, Accommodations Coordinator, primarily focuses on assisting the management of accommodations and also enjoys collaborating with the team to deliver engaging student life events. Random Fact: What brings her joy is crafting handmade ceramics! Any pottery that you see in her office was handmade (with love) by her.

Need help? You can come visit us any time in the Daytime MBA Student Services office (at the bottom of the Fox Hole – go down the stairs in the Fox Center) or email us at studentlife@fuqua.duke.edu.