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Logistics & Planning

Thinking about hosting an event? Read this information FIRST.

Whether event requires approval by the MBAA VP of Student Organizations depends on whether your event considered “BIG” or “Small”.

Big events

Big events require date approval by the MBAA. They also involve longer lead times for planning and finalizing logistics. Conferences, symposia, and large club parties are the most common types of big events held at Fuqua. Specifically, a BIG event meets one or more of these criteria:

  1. Anticipated attendance of 100 people or more
  2. High-level external speakers (C-suite level, Board of Trustees, Board of Visitors, etc.)
  3. Use of large spaces at Fuqua such as Geneen, the Fox Center, or several classrooms and event spaces used simultaneously

Some examples of events that we consider as meeting this criteria include and requiring date approval are:

  • symposia or conferences
  • large social events or parties (where invitations extend beyond only club members
  • events where 2 or more clubs partner on the event
  • cultural events tied to a specific day or week
  • multi-day events like Global or Energy Week
  • Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS) or other events hosted by the Dean's Office
  • select administrative events
  • select MBAA events like formals, end of term parties, Club Fair, etc.

There will be an organized process in Spring 2 for club leaders to submit their priority dates for events in Fall 1 and Fall 2 of the following year. This same process will open up again in Fall 2 for events in Spring 1 and Spring 2. Email the MBAA VP of Student Organizations with questions.

Small events

Small events are any events not meeting the criteria for a “big” event. These are often short workshops, seminars, club happy hours, etc. They usually have fewer speakers (if any), a smaller audience, and are only an hour or two in length. Planning for a small event requires less lead time and the date does not need to be approved by the MBAA. Even though date approval is not required for small events, you may find it’s helpful to check the FuquaConnect and Fuqua CareerBridge calendars for other events before setting your date.

BLUF: The very first steps for any event are: 1) get a date, 2) reserve a room, 3) add to calendar. The need to get your date approved vary depending on if your event is BIG or SMALL, as defined in the section above -- "Does your event need approval?"

If you are planning an event for Fuqua or that will happen at Fuqua, please start with these three steps, according to the size/scope of the event:

BIG Events

STEP 1: Get event date approved The Fuqua student events calendar is managed by the MBAA and administrators to avoid major conflicts for larger events.  If you are planning a “big” event, you need to apply to the MBAA VP of Student Organizations with a request for a date.  Note that extracurricular events cannot conflict with class sessions.

STEP 2: Reserve rooms Once you have an approved date, you need space! All Fuqua spaces are reserved via the online Event Management System (EMS). The BMO has a list of approved event dates and will verify your request. Your room request will not be officially approved until you have received a confirmation email from the BMO. If you need assistance or advice on space, contact BMO at events-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu.

STEP 3: Put your event on FuquaConnect Add your event to FuquaConnect as early as possible. Reference the FuquaConnect Resources page of the Fuqua411 for help. 

Your event is not official at Fuqua until these three steps are completed.  At this point, you can follow up with the BMO with any special requests or for help in understanding logistics and next steps in planning your event (email events-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu).  Also consult the Fuqua411 for additional tips & policies on planning.

SMALL Events:

STEP 1: Choose a date Consult the FuquaConnect and Fuqua CareerBridge calendars to find a date that will work for your event and minimize conflicts for students.  NOTE: extracurricular events cannot be scheduled during academic class block times.

STEP 2: Reserve rooms All Fuqua spaces are reserved via the online Event Management System (EMS). The BMO will verify your request. Your room request will not be officially approved until you have received a confirmation email from the BMO. If you need assistance or advice on space, contact BMO at events-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu.

STEP 3: Put your event on FuquaConnect Add your event to FuquaConnect as early as possible. Reference the FuquaConnect Resources page of the Fuqua411 for help. 

Your event is not official at Fuqua until these three steps are completed. At this point, you can follow up with the BMO with any special requests or for help in understanding logistics and next steps in planning your event (email events-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu). Also consult the Fuqua411 for additional tips & policies on planning.

We’ve compiled the resources on this page (and throughout the Hosting an Event section of the Fuqua411) to be as comprehensive as possible so it is useful for planning any type of student event (e.g. speaker events, conferences, socials, etc.). All of the information provided here may or may not be relevant to your event, but by following the guidelines and timing below, you will be prompted to think about all the critical areas and tasks that go into planning an event.

General timing and specific steps for both big and small events are outlined in the table below:

StepAssociated Task(s)Lead Time: "BIG" EventLead Time: "Small" Event
1st: Book Date & Space
Set date and get approved*, reserve space, put event on FuquaConnect.6-12 months

*Note: you must have your date approved by the MBAA if you're hosting a big event. There will be a process in Spring 2 to request event dates for the next academic year. If planning outside this window, you should connect directly with the MBAA VP of Student Organizations.
1-2 months

*Note: though date approval is not required for small events, you may find it's helpful to check the FuquaConnect and Fuqua CareerBridge calendars for other events before setting your date.
2nd: Secure Speaker(s) / Design Content
Design event content, invite speakers, develop risk management plan, contact corporate sponsors, set-up catering

**Note: major sponsors and speakers (Fuqua BOV, C-suite) can have longer lead times and must be coordinated with Fuqua Corporate Relations.
3-6 months1-2 months
3rd: Plan Logistics
Event marketing, parking for guests, space set-up, confirm catering, etc.1-3 months2-4 weeks

Event First Steps below for additional details on your immediate first steps for planning an event at Fuqua. More information and resources on all of the steps outlined above can be found throughout the Hosting an Event section of the Fuqua411.

Bottom Line: Plan Ahead

Hosting a successful event requires a great deal of advanced planning. While the timeline provided above is a good starting point, you can truly never start planning an event too early. Set yourself up for success by allowing yourself a long lead time to think through all the details of your event and troubleshoot any issues with your logistics.

Office / Department / Contact Contact Information What they cover
BMO Copy Center copy-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu; (919) 660-8089 Copy/print services, course materials and pre-assignments
BMO Events events-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu; Scott Plueddemann, Events Manager – (919) 660-1987 Event management, space reservations, directional signage
BMO Operations operations-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu Facility operations, including recycling, course packs, mail services, etc.
Bon Appetit catering@fuqua.duke.edu Catering services
Career Management Center (CMC) cmc-info@duke.edu Student advising, particularly related to career conferences/events. Contact your club’s CMC liaison for help.
Multimedia multimedia@fuqua.duke.edu Tech (projectors, microphones, etc.) for events, podiums, and recordings (manned recording or panopto)
Parking ptsevents@duke.edu Guest parking for events (conferences, symposium, etc.)
Student Life studentlife@fuqua.duke.edu (general questions); Sara Wakefield, Student Life club liaison – sara.wakefield@duke.edu General questions, advising on event planning best practices, etc.
External Relations Club-ExtEngage@fuqua.duke.edu Help with securing corporate partners or sponsorship, connecting with Fuqua alumni, or securing event speakers.

Now, the date of your event is set and approved. Time to tackle logistics!

The following decorations cannot be used at events held at Fuqua:

  • Helium balloons (there are several areas within the school where the fire alarm will sound if a balloon interferes with facility fire systems and sprinkler systems would be initiated)
  • Confetti
  • Glitter
  • Sand
  • Hay
  • Popcorn
  • Flame (e.g. candles)

Event signs or banners can be hung in your event space, but they MUST be taped up using only blue painter's tape. Use of duct tape, scotch tape, or packing tape is not permitted.

Direct all questions on these issues to the BMO.

At Fuqua:

All Fuqua spaces are reserved via the online Event Management System (EMS). The BMO will verify your request and send you a confirmation email when your reservation is secured. If you need assistance or advice on space, contact the BMO at events-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu.

Room Set-Up Needs: if you have specific set-up needs (tables, chairs, etc.), you will need to communicate those to the BMO to ensure the space is ready for your event. You should share your set-up instructions with the BMO as soon as possible after reserving your room, or 2 weeks out from the date of your event. Overtime staff fees may apply for facilities set up/clean up depending on what time you are using the room and the date of your event. The BMO will advise if charges are likely to apply.

Events on Duke's campus:

Other spaces at Duke may be available for you to reserve via the EMS, including recreation field spaces. Details on reserving recreation spaces is available through Duke Recreation.

Off-campus events:

  • Book your space early
  • Some tried & true venues Fuquans have used to good result in the past are listed below under Recommended Vendors.
  • The venue will likely require advance deposit or minimums, so be aware of what the commitments are.
  • If your vendors requires you to sign a contract, please review the information in the Travel & Risk Management section of the Fuqua411 before you sign. You or your club cannot sign a contract on behalf of Duke. Your contract will need to be reviewed by Fuqua Accounting and signed by Accounting, OSL or the Senior Associate Dean, depending on the total value of the contract; allow 2-3 weeks lead time.
  • Consider providing shuttles for your participants, especially if alcohol will be a part of the event.
  • See the information in the Managing Finances section of the Fuqua 411 for how to pay for vendors and event expenses.
Your event may require use of transportation to and from a location off-campus. Fuqua frequently uses the following companies for transportation needs (see additional details in Recommended Vendors below): Duke also has relationships with a number of other approved and recommended providers:
Vendor Contact Name Phone Number
Blue Diamond Transportation Direct: (919)-772-9595
Academy Bus Lines Clarisse Smith Direct: (919) 688-1230; Business: (800) 222-4793
Champion Coach Craig Dance Business: (800) 583-7668
S and H Transportation Direct: 919-680-0070
McKenzie L&W Bus Lines Timekie Merriweather Business: (910) 648-2799
Admiral Limo Direct: 919-270-1578
Peter Pan Bus Lines Thomas Lynch Business: (800) 334-6464
Southern Express, Inc. Van Hoover Business: (919) 682-8767
If you are providing transportation for event attendees, you may want to consider having attendees complete a liability form. More information can be found in the Travel and Risk Management section of the Fuqua411.

BLUF: If you want to engage local nonprofits/organizations for your events or to do service, connect with the MBAA VP of Service/Sustainability and/or Sara Wakefield in the Office of Student Life.

Engaging with a local nonprofit for an event or service activity is a great way to get outside Fuqua, broaden your perspective, and add value to the community. There are lots of service partnerships and activities ongoing at Fuqua, so there may be preexisting partnerships that you can leverage. Connect with Sara Wakefield and she can: 

  • help you find an organization to partner with and who to contact there
  • help you find others at Fuqua to help support your initiatives

We also want to hear about the service you are doing so we can keep a full picture of the activities happening. If you are planning to collect money or goods (canned foods, coats, gifts, etc.) from students as part of a fundraising initiative, please connect with both the MBAA VP of Service/Sustainability and the Office of Student Life before you market your event or initiative to the Fuqua community. We want to be sure that fundraising initiatives across the school - clubs, Fuqua administration, etc. - are coordinated and timed appropriately with other activities to minimize financial or physical demand on the student body.

BLUF: There are internal [BMO] and external print services available to you!


Guidelines for print/copy jobs for Student Clubs

  • Files to print must be ready to print and saved in PDF format
  • Files are to be sent to copy-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu and must include the appropriate fund code for charges to be sent

Pricing for print/copy jobs - All Student Club Copy Jobs received in the BMO Copy Center, regardless of whether or not there is a charge, will require your Club Fund Code.

  • B/W prints (on white or colored paper) will require your club fund code
  • Color prints are $0.55 per side (8.5 x 11) and $1.00 per side (11 x 17)

BMO Copy Center Capabilities:

  • Letter Folding
    • 8.5 X 11 can be folded either tri-fold or z-fold, up to 200 within 24 hours
    • Over 200, please call 919-660-7732 to discuss turnaround time
  • Booklets
    • 11 X 17 sheets into 11 X 8.5 booklets
    • 8.5 X 11 sheets into 8.5 X 5.5 booklets
  • Laminating
    • Up to 100 sheets within 24 hours
    • Over 100 sheets, please call 919-660-7732 to discuss turnaround time
  • Inserts
    • White - unlimited inserts
    • Color - up to two different colors can be inserted
  • Binding
    • Thermal tape binding up to 125 sheets
    • Up to 100 sets within 24 hours
    • Over 100 sets, please call 919-660-7732 to discuss turnaround time
  • Staples
    • Staple portrait upper left corner up to 100 sheets
    • Staple landscape upper left corner up to 100 sheets
    • Staple booklet dual staples up to 70 sheets
  • Duplex copies
  • Paper - Stock items include the following
    • 8.5 X 11 white (reg. weight)
    • 8.5 X 11 3-hole punch white (reg. weight)
    • 8.5 X 11 (24% cotton) white (high quality paper)
    • A4 international size white
    • 8.5 X 14 white (reg. weight)
    • 8.5 X 11 white and many colored card stock
    • Transparencies
    • 11 X 17 white (reg. weight)

Misc. Notes for print/copy jobs

  • Rush jobs (with less than 24 hour notices) should be brought to attention of the BMO.
  • If you have any questions, please speak directly with Emily Williard (copy-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu) in the BMO. She will be happy to answer questions.
  • Special requests or special binding will need to be sent to an outside vendor. Southport Graphics will typically handle these jobs. The BMO can provide information on these special projects. The student/club will be responsible for working out billing and payment directly with the vendor.
  • Large, high end signage that is commonly seen in the mallway require an outside vendor. The BMO can suggest several preferred vendors (see vendors listed below too). The student/club will be responsible for working out billing and payment directly with the vendor.


(good for retractable banners, large color posters, etc.)

FedEx and AdResources are both good options for club event banners. They sell 32 X 80 banners for between $190 - $240. Please see below for details.

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center:
  • 610 9th St, Durham
  • 919.286.1000
Ad Resources: www.adresourcesinc.com

The Fuqua community should utilize the JB Duke Hotel as the first option whenever groups have local hotel or conferencing needs. If space is not available at the JB, the Washington Duke Inn (WDI) is the next recommended option. More information on the JB Duke's pricing (including how to take advantage of the Duke discount), dining options, and key contacts can be found in this document.

A list of other options for accommodations in the Durham area can be found here. Be sure to ask if there are any Duke/Fuqua discounts!

Additionally, there are instructions for hosting an informal happy hour or club reception at the JB Duke on the Catering page.

If you need AV resources at Fuqua facilities, Fuqua Multimedia is here to help.

Here are some quick points to assist you for planning and being prepared to make best use of the equipment and services available.

  • If you are going to use the AV equipment in a room at Fuqua, please make appropriate time to familiarize yourself with operation. Most common uses of AV gear in most of our rooms is pretty intuitive. If you have questions, reach out to us and we’d be happy to meet with you to guide you.
  • If you don’t see what you need, let us know and we may be able to provide supplemental resources to meet your needs.
  • If you are planning an event, please reach out in advance to the Multimedia Department and suggest a time to meet and discuss you needs.
  • If your event has a hybrid or virtual component, contact the Multimedia Department well in advance of your event to discuss your options and schedule a tech run through to ensure the event goes smoothly.
  • Some events will require a dedicated technician from our department to operate equipment that you may not be able to manage. (i.e. multiple microphones, mixers, more complex events that include the auditorium or multiple venues, etc.) There is a charge for this service and adequate time is required to schedule a technician.
  • If you need recording, consider what you will do with the recordings you generate (i.e. who will have access, if you'd like to post the video externally, etc.). Classroom capture is available in many of our spaces and is a free resource. There is a charge for manned video production services and adequate time is required to schedule a technician. We will want to meet and discuss if you want to arrange recording services.
  • The Virtual Teaching Suites (VTS) rooms equipped to run hybrid or virtual meetings can only be reserved by faculty and staff. Student groups hoping to use the VTS rooms should identify a faculty or staff sponsor who can reserve the room on their behalf.

The best way to contact Fuqua Multimedia is multimedia@fuqua.duke.edu. You can also call multimedia at (919) 660-7974.

Some non-Duke vendors may require you to verify liability insurance in order to book services. For information on how to request a certificate of Duke's insurance (which covers most student activities), visit the Travel & Risk Management page of the Fuqua411.
We encourage you to plan ahead so that you can use the payment methods that don't require individual members of your club or group to pay out of pocket for supplies or goods purchased on behalf of the club. Policies and methods for purchasing items can be found in the Managing Finances page of the Fuqua 411.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of vendors that Fuqua departments and clubs have used to good result in previous years. We recommend starting here if you are seeking vendors for your event.

Service(s) ProvidedCompany NameContact InfoWebsite
Bus Transportation / Car ServiceCarolina Liverycarvanbus@aol.com; 919-957-1111http://www.carolinalivery.net/
Holiday Toursinfo@trustholiday.com; 336-498-9000https://trustholiday.com/
Greenway Transitinfo@greenwayrides.com; 919-957-8294 http://greenwayrides.com/
Entertainment: DJ, Photographer, Photo BoothComplete Weddings + EventsBilly Ezzell: 919-201-1113;
Entertainment: Photo BoothZimZoom Photo Boothinfo@zimzoomphotobooth.com; 919-670-0250 https://zimzoomphotobooth.com/
SwagSee details in Swag & Gifts section under "Logo Use"
Event Venues
Not exhaustive list, but select venues used to good result
Carolina Innhttps://www.carolinainn.com/meetings-events/chapel-hill-meeting-rfphttps://www.carolinainn.com/
Cotton Room919-530-8380 http://www.thecottonroomdurham.com/
Shooters919-680-0428 https://www.facebook.com/ShootersSaloonDurham/
The TavernThetaverndurham@gmail.com; 919-286-7665 http://www.thetaverndurham.com/
Washington Duke Inn919-490-0999https://www.washingtondukeinn.com/
JB DukeSee details in "Hotel Accommodations & Using the JB Duke" section above
Rickhouse https://www.rickhousedurham.com/tourhttps://www.rickhousedurham.com/
Hi-Wire Brewinghttps://hiwirebrewing.com/rentgoldenbelt/https://hiwirebrewing.com/durham/
Additional information on the process for identifying and soliciting corporate sponsors can be found in the Managing Finances page of the Fuqua411. Additional information on securing event speakers can be found on the Securing Speakers page.

The Duke University Police Department provides police and security services for special events. You can request security services for events through Duke Police.

The cost is determined by the number of hours each officer is on site at your event and a minimum of 3 hours is required. Duke Police’s Special Operations unit will determine the number of officers required to cover each event and the need for any special services, such as ambulances. Please make your requests as soon as known, and at least 10 business days prior to the event.

If you plan to charge a registration fee or ticket price for your event, make sure you review the information about collecting money and event registrations on the Managing Finances section of the Fuqua411.

Students MAY NOT sign rental agreements, contracts (e.g. event venues, hotels including the JB Duke hotel, entertainment) or payment authorizations, on behalf of their their organizations. Contracts $3,000 or less may be approved/signed by the Director of Student Life or Finance and Administration department director. Contracts in excess of $3,000 must be signed by a Senior Associate Dean. Additional details on the process for signing contracts is available in the Managing Finances section of the Fuqua411.

Students are not permitted to have personal mail or packages delivered to Fuqua, but student groups (clubs, sections, etc.) may send items purchased for an event/initiative to Fuqua. If you will be shipping items to Fuqua, please be sure:

  • The club/student group (e.g. "General Management Club") and name of club contact should be clearly noted on the shipping label so the BMO knows where to route the package(s).
  • If you are expecting a large shipment (multiple packages and/or heavy ones), alert the BMO (operations-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu) to work out the logistics. This will help ensure the packages are routed to the appropriate people and place within Fuqua.

Visitor parking may be arranged in one of the following ways. For all options, we recommend your guests arrive 10-15 minutes prior to their appointment to allow time to walk to Fuqua and navigate through Fuqua’s campus to their destination.

  • Science Drive Visitors Lot– If your guest is visiting for Fuqua business you may obtain a pay code for the pay stations from the Building Management Office (BMO). Tell the BMO the date your visitor will need parking so we can give you the appropriate pay code to enter.  For MBA club events, also send your club fund-code to be charged.  The cost is $5/up to 4 hours, or $10/over 4 hours. The BMO will send you instructions and a map, which you can send to your visitor along with the pay station code.
    • For more than 5 vehicles, see guidelines for Event Parking.
    • For non-Fuqua business visitors, the pay stations accept cash, credit and debit.  PaybyPhone may also be used for this lot.  Rate is $2/hour


For event parking needs of 5 or less, you may first contact operations-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu to see if they are able to provide your guest(s) with a visitor permit.  Your request needs to include the event name, number of vehicles, date, and fund code.  The parking lots for visitors will be the Science Drive Visitor Lot. However, parking spaces at Duke are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. With smaller groups, it is still a good idea to contact Duke Parking’s event planning office to check on the availability of parking and other events that day.

When event parking needs exceed 5 vehicles, you must submit a request for event parking spaces to Duke Parking through their website.

For groups of 20 or more, Duke can help to arrange parking for you and your visitors. In some cases, a member of Duke's campus safety staff will be needed to assist in parking or managing your event. Not all events need an officer, but it is suggested for groups of 20 or more for assistance with parking or attendance. The average charge per officer is $40 an hour with a four-hour minimum.

To book an event, please contact Duke Parking at least two weeks and no more than six months in advance. A $155 charge is required if an event is scheduled ten days or less before it occurs. To request event parking, complete and submit this form.  Your event parking request will be confirmed by phone or e-mail within two business days of submittal. Confirmation will include a cost estimate, parking availability, and payment options. Pricing for 2022-23 is available in this document. See Duke Parking & Transportation for more information about event parking.

For questions or follow up, contact Event Parking Services.

Event Parking Services: Phone (919) 684-PARK (7275), ptsevents@duke.edu