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Upgrade to FuquaConnect

Orgsync is getting an upgrade…hello, FuquaConnect!

We have some exciting news! In December 2019, OrgSync [Fuqua’s student engagement and communications tool] will be upgraded and re-launched as FuquaConnect. Not only will this upgrade come with a fancy new name, but we’ll also get a fresh, modern design and a host of improved tools and features.

We plan to officially launch FuquaConnect to the community by December 27, 2019. To prepare for the upgrade, OrgSync will be down beginning December 12, 2019 as all of the data inside OrgSync is migrated to FuquaConnect. A very high-level timeline of what to expect during the upgrade to FuquaConnect is provided in the FAQs below.

Whether you use OrgSync to browse and RSVP to events or you manage content for your club or department, you likely have questions about what to expect during the upgrade to FuquaConnect. Have no fear! We will be posting pertinent updates and information on this page throughout the upgrade. Read below to find updates and To Dos for content managers in OrgSync (student/club and administrative), plus answers to all your burning questions – like why are we upgrading to FuquaConnect, what new features can we expect, and what do I need to do now to prepare.

Student and Club Leader Updates

For the most part, the data and content in your club’s OrgSync page will automatically migrate over to FuquaConnect and be immediately available to you after launch. However, there are a few items we need your action on prior to the upgrade. The FuquaConnect upgrade team has taken great efforts to streamline this process to minimize disruption to you, so we anticipate completing these four important To Dos for your club should not take a great deal of your time and effort. If you have questions or need help as you work through these To Dos, please email connect-help@fuqua.duke.edu.


Submit this form to share info about your club website


11/13/19 As part of the upgrade, we will lose the external website builder tool within OrgSync that many clubs are using to build their external-facing website (different from your internal profile/page). We’ve identified Sites@Duke as the recommended alternative platform (free WordPress-based sites for anyone within the Duke community).

If you are currently using OrgSync for your club website, we will create a Sites@Duke site for you based on the info you provide in this form. If you are using another platform (Squarespace, Weebly, etc.), you have the option to switch to Sites@Duke but are not required to do so.

An update on club website requirements:

  • PROFESSIONAL + DIVERSITY CLUBS: You are REQUIRED to have an external-facing website.
  • ACTIVITY CLUBS: You are NOT required to have an external-facing website but you can opt to create one.
<5 mins

Refresh and migrate existing club external website content to NEW Sites@Duke website

(if currently using OrgSync website builder tool)



As applicable, your new Sites@Duke site will be created and shared with you by 11/15/19. You will be responsible for migrating your existing content into the new site and updating as needed. Help guides/resources will be shared here at that time, but you should find WordPress is a more user-friendly and customizable platform compared to the OrgSync website builder tool. Your existing OrgSync website will be automatically deleted during the upgrade to FuquaConnect (or by 12/13/19). 2 – 3 hours

Back up RSVPs for your events happening after 12/12/19


12/12/19 Details (date, location, time, etc.) for events happening after 12/12/19 will migrate into FuquaConnect. However, existing RSVPs on those events will not migrate over. To prepare, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Export and save all existing RSVPs for your events happening after 12/12/19 (from the event details page, click “Export RSVPs” in grey on the right-hand menu).
  2. After existing RSVPs have been saved, update the event to “RSVP not required” before the upgrade (so that you do not collect anymore RSVPs).
  3. After FuquaConnect is launched, open up RSVPs again and invite the users who previously RSVP’d to the event or re-invite your entire organization.
<1 hour

Clean up / organize your OrgSync page

12/12/19 Your files, forms, news posts, etc. will all migrate over as is to FuquaConnect. Take some time to delete or archive any items that are no longer relevant. You may also consider refreshing how your files or other items are organized. Taking these actions before the upgrade will help ensure your new FuquaConnect page is well-organized and ready for you to use immediately. 1 hour

General FAQs

Click to jump to a specific question:

Is FuquaConnect an additional platform to add to the ones we already have?

No, FuquaConnect is an upgrade and replacement for OrgSync.

Why are we upgrading from OrgSync?

The OrgSync platform is no longer supported and will soon be discontinued by the developer. For over 2 years, CampusLabs has been developing a new platform and we’re VERY excited about the new, fresh look and improved functionality of FuquaConnect (and you should be too!).

What is the timeline for the upgrade to FuquaConnect?

At a very high level, here’s what you can expect during the upgrade to FuquaConnect (click to expand):

Image depicts high-level milestones during upgrade from OrgSync to FuquaConnect. In October, initial planning and implementation is ongoing, in addition to key stakeholder engagement. In November, backend development of FuquaConnect is ongoing and content managers or creators will have a few action items to complete. In December, final preparations will be underway for a migration on December 12. FuquaConnect should be launched by December 27. Beginning 12/12, there will be no OrgSync access until FuquaConnect is launched. In January, FuquaConnect will be live in January. Guides/resources will be available then in addition to in-person training. OrgSync content will be available in a read-only format.

What data or content will automatically migrate over in the upgrade?

For general users:

  • Your user information
  • Your organization memberships
  • Past event history and RSVPs

For organization administrators or content managers (student leader/club or administrative):

  • Organization members*
  • Past and upcoming event details**
  • Forms
  • Files and folder structure
  • Photos

*After the migration, the users in your organization that have administrative responsibilities may need to be reviewed and adjusted, but the FuquaConnect upgrade team will do the bulk of this clean up before launch.

**Unfortunately, existing RSVPs for events after 12/12/19 will not migrate in the upgrade. See the question below on preparing for the upgrade for additional details.

What should I do now to prepare?

For general users: nothing! Just keep using OrgSync as you normally do.

For organization administrators or content managers (student leader/club or administrative): More detailed information on specific action items to take will be provided after Fall Break. These items will mostly revolve around backing up details for events after 12/12/19 and replacing your existing club website (as applicable, see more information below). The FuquaConnect upgrade team has taken great efforts to streamline the upgrade process to minimize disruption to you. As a result, we don’t expect completing these items will require a great deal of your effort and time.

What improvements or new features can I expect in FuquaConnect?

  • Fresh, modern design and custom branding
  • Improved and more attractive public view of platform for prospective/admitted students seeking club information
  • The ability to co-host events across multiple clubs or organizations
  • Messaging feature that easily allows admins to use personal email (or external provider like MailChimp) to send messages to all or select organization members
  • More robust roster management tools that allows admins to label users with customizable leadership positions, allowing for more insight across the Fuqua community of club leaders and cabinet members
  • Ability to “tag” your events with multiple categories (e.g. “Daytime only”, “Conference/Symposium”, “Info Session”, etc.) to easily identify and filter events of interest on the master calendar

Are we losing any features of OrgSync during this upgrade?

For most tools, no, there will be a comparable or improved version available in FuquaConnect. However, we will lose the website builder tool that many clubs are using to host an external website. The FuquaConnect upgrade team has identified Sites@Duke as the recommended alternative platform for club websites. Sites@Duke is supported by Duke’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) and allows members of the Duke community to make free, WordPress-based websites. It’s also a much more user-friendly platform than the website builder tool in OrgSync and allows for greater customization – a win for club websites!

During the upgrade to FuquaConnect, the team will work with your club to automatically create a new Sites@Duke website if you are currently using OrgSync. If you are using a different platform for your club website (other than OrgSync), you will have the option to switch over to Sites@Duke.

Who is on the FuquaConnect upgrade team?

The Daytime MBA Office of Student Life (OSL) and Software Development team in IT are leading the update, with input from select members of the student body and Fuqua administration. If you would like to provide feedback on or have recommendations about the upgrade process, please email connect-help@fuqua.duke.edu.

Where can I direct questions about the upgrade to Fuqua Connect?

You can reach all of the members of the FuquaConnect upgrade team by emailing connect-help@fuqua.duke.edu.