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Club Websites

All professional and diversity clubs MUST have an external-facing website separate from their FuquaConnect page. This website should contain pertinent information for each potential audience – prospective/admitted students, alumni, donors, conference attendees, etc. Activities clubs are welcome to create an external-facing website, but are not required. However, they are required to maintain up-to-date club details and contact information on their FuquaConnect profile and respond to email inquiries in a timely manner.

Sites@Duke is the recommended platform for club websites. Sites@Duke is supported by Duke’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) and allows any member of the Duke community to make free, WordPress-based websites.

To help you create and manage your club’s external website, the MBAA, OSL, Admissions and CMC teams partnered together to create the two resources below:

Best Practices for Club Websites

Best Practices for Club Websites: This document outlines:

    1. The pages/content you are required to have on your club website
    2. The pages/content we recommend you have on your website (as applicable to your club)
    3. Our tips for handling outreach/communications and when/how often you should update your club website
    4. A few example websites from within the Fuqua community and at our peer/competitor schools you can use for inspiration

Sites@Duke Help Guide

Sites@Duke Help Guide: Sites@Duke is supported by Duke OIT, so you’ll find there are LOTS of support resources available to help you build and manage your site. In this document, we point you to the most helpful resources for new users. You’ll find information on changing the theme/appearance of your site, adding new administrators, and creating pages or other content (and much more!).

Club Email Lists

As a club at Fuqua, you have access to create an official duke.edu email address for your club! There are TWO options:

A listserv email through Duke Sympa. This is a basic email that can be set up to receive emails and you can add multiple users to the recipients list, as well as easily update/maintain the recipient list via Duke Sympa. Use this link to submit a request for a general contact address. Once created, you’ll have access to add admin and recipients (this should only include Fuqua students).

A shared inbox. This option will view as a separate email account that you can add to your Outlook account. You’ll be able to send from this email address and receive emails. This is a good option should your club want to use the email for many different reasons. However, you do have to check the emails sent to it in a separate inbox vs. getting them directly in your your main inbox; This will add an additional step to triaging emails received. Please contact TSC (help@fuqua.duke.edu) to request this type of email address. TSC would have to add any new users, so it is not as self-service as the SYMPA options listed above. Important Note: This type of email address should have “Fuqua” in the address (i.e., fuqua-daytime-osl@duke.edu).

**It is very important to transition the email login details to new club leadership as soon as they are known.**