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Club Websites

All professional and diversity clubs MUST have an external-facing website separate from their FuquaConnect page. This website should contain pertinent information for each potential audience – prospective/admitted students, alumni, donors, conference attendees, etc. Activities clubs are welcome to create an external-facing website, but are not required. However, they are required to maintain up-to-date club details and contact information on their FuquaConnect profile and respond to email inquiries in a timely manner.

Sites@Duke is the recommended platform for club websites. Sites@Duke is supported by Duke’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) and allows any member of the Duke community to make free, WordPress-based websites.

To help you create and manage your club’s external website, the MBAA, OSL, Admissions and CMC teams partnered together to create the two resources below:

Best Practices for Club Websites

Review the Best Practices for Club Websites document, which outlines all the best practices for managing your club’s website and you’ll learn about the following:

    1. The pages/content you are required to have on your club website
    2. The pages/content we recommend you have on your website (as applicable to your club)
    3. Our tips for handling outreach/communications and when/how often you should update your club website
    4. A few example websites from within the Fuqua community and at our peer/competitor schools you can use for inspiration

Sites@Duke Help Guide

Sites@Duke is supported by Duke OIT, so you’ll find there are LOTS of support resources available to help you build and manage your site. Read and review the Sites@Duke Help Guide, in this document we point you to the most helpful resources for new users. You’ll find information on changing the theme/appearance of your site, adding new administrators, and creating pages or other content (and much more!).

Club Email Lists

As a club at Fuqua, you have access to create an official @duke.edu email address for your club! There are TWO options:

A listserv email through Duke Sympa. This is a basic email that can be set up to receive emails and you can add multiple users to the recipients list, as well as easily update/maintain the recipient list via Duke Sympa. Use this link to submit a request for a general contact address. Once created, you’ll have access to add admin and recipients (this should only include Fuqua students).

A shared inbox. This option will view as a separate email account that you can add to your Outlook application. You’ll be able to send from this email address and receive emails. This is a good option should your club want to use the email for many different reasons. However, you will have to check the emails sent in a separate inbox vs. getting them directly in your main inbox; This will add an additional step to triaging emails received. Please contact TSC (help@fuqua.duke.edu) to request this type of email address. TSC would have to add any new users, so it is not as self-service as the SYMPA options listed above. Important Note: This type of email address should have “Fuqua” in the address (i.e., fuqua-daytime-osl@duke.edu).

**It is very important to transition the email login details to new club leadership as soon as they are known.**