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The Fuqua Paired Principles

Being a part of Team Fuqua is not just about encouraging teamwork and collaboration. On a higher level, it’s about creating a philosophy to live by that is based on 6 core principles that translate into a series of values described below:
Fuqua Paired Principles

Authentic Engagement

We care and we do. We make a difference to Team Fuqua by being ourselves and engaging in the things we are passionate about.

Supportive Ambition

We support each other to achieve great things, because your success is my success. The success of each individual member of Team Fuqua makes the whole team better.

Collective Diversity

We embrace all of our classmates because our individuality is better and stronger together. 

Loyal Community

We are a family who looks out for each other. Team Fuqua has your back when you need it the most.

Impactful Stewardship

We are the leaders who focus on solutions to improve our community both now and in the future. We aren’t satisfied with just maintaining the status quo.

Uncompromising Integrity

We internalize and live the honor code in the class room. We conduct ourselves with integrity within Fuqua, the Duke Community and in our lives.

Through these principles, Team Fuqua believes that alone we can do little, and together we can do much. These beliefs teach us many minds are stronger than the strongest individual mind. It teaches us that together we are a community, and within that community we share responsibility. This shared responsibility and commitment to succeeding for the good of the whole is carried with us throughout their lives.