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BLUF: the Technical Support Center (TSC) is here to help you with all of your technical needs and questions.
The TSC is dedicated to providing the best technology tools and services to Fuqua students, faculty, and staff to help them pursue their academic goals as efficiently as possible.  For a full listing of their services and resources, visit the TSC website.

For information on what you should have installed on your computer for your time at Fuqua, hardware recommendations, course content via iTunes, and Duke Wiki information, go here.
For information on mapping to Fuqua's network drives, go here.


We know the many web and communications platforms used at Fuqua can be confusing! Understanding how best to use each platform will help you stay in the loop and make the most out of your time at Fuqua. We’ve created this Platforms and Communications Guide that breaks down the most frequently used web paltforms and highlights the major email communications you will receive at Fuqua. An accessible version of this document is available here.


Stay connected to Fuqua and Duke resources on-the-go! See our guide on Duke and Fuqua apps for mobile devices.


There are several charging stations available for you to charge your mobile devices while you are at Fuqua. They can be found in the Fox Center, CMC, Admissions lobby and the Ford Library.
The ePrint service enables you to print from your own computer to printers distributed throughout the Fuqua student computing space. Students are allotted a $55 quota for printing from the beginning of the academic year. The quota is refreshed at the beginning of the Spring 1 term.  A student’s FLEX account is charged for any printing that goes over quota. Color printing is available in the Fox Center. Color printing is charged to FLEX and does not count against quota. Instructions for setting up ePrint at Fuqua can be found here. You can find a map of printers enabled with ePrint on the TSC's website.
Key marketing and communications resources, like the Fuqua Logo Style Guide and PowerPoint templates, can be found on FuquaWorld in the Marketing Resources section (go to the Student Life Section and click "Marketing Resources" underneath Helpful Information).
The Fuqua Ford Library has a myriad of resources for you to use. Access to online databases available to you is one such resource and can be found here.