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Our Fuqua Standards

All members of the Fuqua community – students, staff, faculty and alumni – have a shared set of values that collectively encompass what it means to be a part of Team Fuqua. These values define our guiding principles and the ways in which we support one another, protect and strengthen our community, and uphold the standard of excellence associated with Duke University and the Fuqua School of Business. We’ve provided a high-level overview below of the critical components that make up our Fuqua Standards.

The Fuqua Community Standard

The Fuqua Community Standard outlines our ideals for protecting and enhancing our culture and applies to our conduct both on and off campus. As part of Team Fuqua, we have all accepted both a personal responsibility to live by the Community Standard and an obligation to act when the Standard is compromised. The Community Standard also includes school-wide policies and procedures and the respective consequences and potential disciplinary actions for conduct violations.

The Fuqua Honor Code

The component of the Fuqua Community Standard that specifically outlines our standards for honesty and integrity inside and outside of the classroom. The Honor Code is critical for creating an environment of trust at Fuqua.

The Fuqua Career Code of Conduct

The component of the Fuqua Community Standard that governs student behavior during the recruiting process. Students share the responsibility of building the Duke and Fuqua brands among employers and therefore must uphold the fundamental principles of mutual respect, honesty, integrity, and professionalism at all times during the recruiting process.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement and

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Duke and Fuqua are committed to fostering a community that is safe, respectful, inclusive, and free of all forms of discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct.

Fuqua Classroom Norms

Fuqua Classroom Norms complement the Community Standard by specifically addressing expectations for classroom behavior. Designed to help all students thrive and succeed, the Classroom Norms foster an inclusive and respectful learning environment inside the classroom.

The Fuqua Paired Principles

The Paired Principles provide a framework for how to live by the Fuqua Community Standard each day. To be a part of Team Fuqua is to strive to embody all six of the Paired Principles.