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Resources for Fuqua Partners

Join the Partners Club on FuquaConnect and Facebook to learn what Section 7 is up to and how to get involved!
Update October 2022: At this time, the Partner DukeCard program is still suspended. Students are not able to sponsor DukeCards for their legally married spouses. On the DukeCard website, there is an option for sponsored guests, but note this only applies to contractors, visiting scholars, or other individuals who are working directly with a Duke or Fuqua office or department. Duke or Fuqua departments cannot sponsor spouse DukeCards for students. However, even though students cannot sponsor an official DukeCard for their partner, they can support them in purchasing a Duke recreation account (gym membership) or accessing the library. Details are available here:
Fuqua students can sponsor a FuquaConnect account for their partners or spouses via FuquaWorld.
  1. From the FuquaWorld home page, click Student Life from the top menu.
  2. In the grey box with information about FuquaConnect, click the link that says Invite your partner to FuquaConnect.
  3. On the next page, click Sponsor a Partner and follow the steps. This will initiate a few emails to your partner with instructions for setting up OneLink, which will create login credentials for your partner that can be used to login to FuquaConnect.
  4. Once your partner has access to FuquaConnect, they will be able to join clubs and browse events. However, they should play close attention to the specific event details, as many events on FuquaConnect may not be open to Fuqua partners.
We are happy to offer career and job search support to the partners of incoming Daytime MBA students who will be seeking employment in the Durham area. Partners should be authorized to work in the US. The learn more, please send an email to CMC-Info@duke.edu. Be sure to reference the name of the student enrolled in the Daytime MBA program.

There are a number of resources that we recommend to partners looking to volunteer or serve the Durham community:</p?

Partners are not eligible to take or audit classes at Fuqua. However, there are many other educational opportunities available to partners through Durham Tech, Duke Continuing Studies and Duke Continuing Studies: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI).
Duke's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has put together some useful advice for maintaining a committed relationship during graduate or professional studies.