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Slack Community Guidelines

What is Slack?

Slack is Fuqua’s Daytime student-run workspace and communication platform. A space for both FYs and SYs to connect and build community, Slack acts as Fuqua students’ virtual Fox center and supplements the student or club-related communications sent via email or through FuquaConnect. Join Slack to connect with classmates, communicate with clubs, and view class-wide communications.

What are the Community Guidelines?

These guidelines are intended to provide guidance on how students, clubs, sections, and other groups use Fuqua’s Slack workspace to gather and connect virtually.

Who uses Slack?

Slack is used and operated by Fuqua Daytime students and partners only*. This means our Fuqua Norms, Paired Principles, and Honor Code all apply here.

*Slack Connect – Note: there may be some exceptions (i.e., partners, CMC Coaches).

How do I best use Slack?

Use Slack to communicate with the entire Fuqua Daytime community, including classmates, section-mates, clubs, and special interest groups. Slack is a great place to share information about current happenings and events. When advertising events and club activities to the entire student body, please only post in one or two channels. This will help to prevent Slack-spamming and over-duplication of the same post.

Want to send an event reminder? Just reply in the comments to the original post with the event BLUF and select “also send to #channel.” That way, those interested can see the event details linked from the original post without the full details being re-shared with the entire student body.

Workspaces & Channels


Each year, the Fuqua Admissions Team creates a free workspace for admitted students for the new class to connect with Admissions Officers, the Office of Student Life, and each other prior to matriculation. After gaining access to Duke email addresses and ~1-2 weeks before Orientation, matriculated first-year students will be added to the Duke Fuqua Daytime MBA workspace.

The enterprise-level Duke Fuqua Daytime MBA workspace is the main workspace for all students and partners during their time at Fuqua.

Public Channels vs. Private Channels vs. Direct Messages

There are three types of “spaces” in any Slack – Public Channels, Private Channels, and Direct Messages. Read this Slack blog post to understand how to best utilize each.


Below is a summary of the main channels within the Duke Fuqua Daytime MBA Slack Workspace. All other private and public channels are up to students to search, manage, and use.

Category Channel Public/ Private Target Audience Purpose
Channels for all FYs, SYs, and partners #announcements Public All students and partners Share announcements, Fuqua Connect events, or activities for all students
#chatter Public Random discussion for all students (Think: a giant group chat)
#mbaaofficial Public Share MBAA information, ask questions to the MBAA, etc. Managed by MBAA
#techhelp Public Ask questions about slack usage, help, and tips. Managed by MBAA Tech
Private Channels for Students #class-of-202X Private Only Class of 202X (SYs) Private random discussion for the SY Class
#class-of-202X Private Only Class of 202X (FYs) Private random discussion for FY Class
[Section Channels – 12 total, 6 per year] Private Only Section Members Private random discussion for each section for each year.
Club Channels* Recommended:

[Public Club Channels]
Public All interested club members Conversation for all Clubs’ members. Not required

[Private Club Cabinet Channels]
Private Only club cabinet members Private coordination for Clubs’ subcabinets. Not required
General Interest Channels** Various Public All interested students and partners Conversation for topics that aren’t affiliated with a particular club, e.g. #bachelornation


  • *Club Channels: Club channels are a conversation platform that are affiliated with various student clubs. They can be used for discussion, informal announcements, meetups or general chatter. For official club communications, make sure to join the club on Fuqua Connect.
    • There are two types of club channels, public and private. To join a public club channel, use the “Browse Channel” feature and search for the club name or nickname and join the channel. Club channels will have club/association/society etc. In their channel name or description so they are easy to find.
    • Most clubs are open to all Fuqua students and their Slack channels are public. However, some affinity organizations such as PRIDE, BLMBAO and DAFA, are private. To join these channels, please reach out to the club directly as they do not appear in the Browse Channel option.
  • **General Interest Channels: Occasionally there may be a topic that Fuqua students are passionate about that may not have a club associated with it. For example, photography, books or pop culture.
    • These are informal discussion and chatter channels used to share common interests with fellow Fuquans. Please check channels using the Browse Channel or function before creating a new channel for an internet or topic.
    • Keep Slack tidy and avoid creating duplicate channels, for example if you are interested in Premier League soccer, the #soccerclub channel regularly features chatter about the league, there’s no need to create a #premierleaguechannel.