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BLUF: Alcohol at Fuqua strictly follows the NC State laws. Under no circumstances will students be permitted to bring their own alcohol into the building. If this policy is violated, Fuqua could possibly become a dry campus. If you have any questions about this policy please contact the The Office of Student Life.

Any and all alcohol ordered, purchased or consumed in the Fox Student Center or anywhere else on the grounds of The Fuqua School of Business, falls under the ABC license of Bon Appétit. It is the responsibility of all students, faculty and staff to ensure that all North Carolina ABC laws and service standards are followed when planning any kind of event that will involve alcohol service or consumption.

Some of the ABC laws and service standards to consider include the following:

  1. There are no BYOB/Bring Your Own (alcoholic) Beverages at Fuqua.
  2. All alcoholic beverage orders for events have to be coordinated and served through Bon Appétit (no cash bar allowed).
  3. All beer and wine must be purchased through the ABC license of Bon Appétit.
  4. Alcoholic beverages may be donated, but they must be delivered directly to the caterer for serving. If the event has only beer & wine being served and is nonprofit, there is no permit needed (food must be provided).
  5. Please provide 7 days advance notice if you plan to order and/or donate alcoholic beverages. Specialty beverages require additional advance notice.
  6. All events where alcoholic beverages are served require staff for bartending. Some events may require additional security/I.D. checker staff. The number of staff required varies by group size and event duration. The group placing the order will be responsible for staff costs.
  7. Food must be present when alcohol is being served.
  8. Any kegs or special ordered alcoholic beverages that are not fully consumed must remain on the premises. It is very important to order wisely when planning an event.
  9. All alcoholic beverages must be consumed within the area that has been reserved for the function or event.
  10. Service is limited to one alcoholic beverage per person at a time.
  11. Service of alcoholic beverages to an individual can be refused at Bon Appétit's discretion.
  12. If liquor drinks are requested, contact Bon Appétit. They will be able to help coordinate with a third party vendor to provide this service.

There are additional standards and restrictions that apply which necessitate that everyone work directly with Bon Appétit regarding alcohol service or consumption of any kind at The Fuqua School of Business. See the Catering Policy below for contacts.

If you are planning an event that involves alcohol served on or off of Fuqua's campus, please reference the Travel and Risk Management page of the Fuqua411 for more information on how to manage risk and mitigate your personal liability. 

BLUF: The only approved caterer at Fuqua is Bon Appetit.  Prior approval to use any outside vendors is needed when costs are greater than $750.

All events held at the Fuqua School of Business shall be catered by Bon Appétit Cafe.  Exceptions are:

  • Events where charges are less than $750, or
  • Bon Appétit has declined the opportunity due to schedule or overload constraints, or
  • Use of an outside caterer has been approved by the Associate Dean for Finance.

Requests for Catering Services shall be submitted to Bon Appétit no later than two weeks prior to the event.

The contacts for Bon Appetit Catering are below.

Bon Appétit Catering

  • Seth Howe, Catering Director
  • Licelys Hamman, General Manager
  • catering@fuqua.duke.edu
  • 919-660-7899
  • In cases where a request has been submitted and Bon Appétit declines the event, or if the event sponsor feels that Bon Appétit is not the best provider, then a written request for an alternate caterer must be received by the Associate Dean for Finance, Chris Shull at least 3 weeks prior to the event and include:

    • The reason for the request.
    • Detailed menu with quantities, number of attendees and descriptions of services and extras.
    • A written quotation from the preferred caterer.
    • A copy of a current certificate of liability insurance (if not already an approved Duke caterer; full list available here)

    If approved, the outside catering company must provide event staff to ensure food is kept at the correct temperature for the duration the food is present at the event.

    The event sponsor also has the following responsibilities when using an outside caterer:

    • Inform the BMO so extra trash and recycling containers may be placed in the area where food is being served. If the event happens on a weekend, the BMO will determine the number of housekeepers needed and advise of cost. Housekeeping will re-set the room after the event.
    • Whenever using outside caterers, or when catering orders are dropped off, food service clean-up is the responsibility of the caterer or ordering individual. This means trash should be in the trash can, and recycling should be in the recycling bin – Housekeeping will take it from there.

Contact the BMO if you are considering a food truck for your event. Having a food truck at Fuqua can be arranged but only under specific guidelines. The primary dimensions for the guidelines are:

Specifications for time of day/day of week – We cannot bring trucks in at a time that competes with Bon Appetit (BA) food service. With that, food trucks generally cannot be brought in for lunch unless it is a weekend or during break when BA isn’t providing food.

Specifications for where trucks can park – The circle out front is a fire lane so we have not been able to use that for multiple food trucks. There are also limitations on power sources for trucks requiring electrical hook ups; Food trucks must run solely on their own power source and cannot tap into the Fuqua electrical network.

For all questions related to hosting an event with food trucks, please reach out to the BMO prior to booking the event with the vendor.

The JB Duke is a great option for hosting happy hours or small networking receptions for your club. A few notes on using the JB Duke for a happy hour:

  • Fuqua has negotiated discounted rates at the JB Duke, so make sure you communicate that you are part of Fuqua when you make the reservation. You will receive a 30% discount on all regular food and non-alcoholic beverages ordered (Note: NC law does not allow discounts for alcoholic beverages).

  • To organize a happy hour at the JB Duke, contact Rètta Bradford, Assistant Restaurant Manager at (919) 419-2556 or lbradford@jbdukehotel.com

  • You will want to contact the JB Duke to let them know when your group will be coming and the anticipated size of your group. Use of the Bar, Club Room, or Terrace is usually free of charge to Fuqua clubs, but other private spaces at the JB Duke usually require a fee. When you reach out to the JBD, let them know which bar space you'd prefer, and make a reservation. Reaching out as soon as possible will increase the odds that you can use the space you prefer. Although the MarketPlace Bar typically closes at 4 p.m., the JB Duke is often able to accommodate your group in that area. Adjacent to the MarketPlace Bar is the Club Room, which is furnished with a pool table, a ping pong table, and a drop-down screen for private viewing parties.

  • Depending on the size of your group, the JB Duke may ask you to place orders for appetizers ahead of time. If your group is small, you can typically order appetizers at the bar and they will come out as they are ready.

  • If you anticipate the total cost being over $500, be sure to seek approval from either the Co-presidents or Treasurer in the MBAA.

  • Fuqua has negotiated discounted rates at the JB Duke (as outlined in the document above), so make sure you communicate that you are part of Fuqua when you make the reservation. You will receive a 30% discount on all regular food and non-alcoholic beverages ordered (sorry, the discount does not apply to alcoholic beverages).

  • As part of the Fuqua rate, the JB Duke will also apply a 19% service charge based on net sales before discount and excluding sales tax. The entire service charge goes to the servers. This means you do NOT need to add any extra gratuity or tip when you sign the receipt.

  • Be sure to get both an itemized receipt and the final credit card receipt to submit to the MBAA Treasurer for reimbursement.

Due to food safety concerns, homemade food cannot be served at official Fuqua events. All food served at an official Fuqua event must be provided by Bon Appetit or a licensed and approved outside caterer. In this instance, an official Fuqua event is defined by the below criteria:

  • Hosted or held on Fuqua's campus or the JB Duke.
  • Organized by an officially recognized Fuqua entity, including administrative departments, the MBAA, student clubs or organizations, and student sections. Conferences, symposia, Global Week events, workshops, seminars, cultural events, etc. would all fit these criteria.

For questions about this policy, please contact the The Office of Student Life.