Welcome to the The Fuqua 411, your ultimate guide to getting stuff done at Fuqua!

Planning an event or conference? Curious about Fuqua’s Community Standard and Honor Code or where to find key academic policies? Need to purchase something for your club or student organization and want to know how to pay or get reimbursed?

You’ve come to the right place! The Office of Student Life (OSL) has pulled together information, resources, policies and best practices to answer nearly any¬†question you may have as a Fuqua student. The Fuqua411 contains everything from key academic policies, to how to get reimbursed for club expenses, to how to plan a big or small event according to Fuqua policies, to health and wellness resources. The Fuqua411 is useful for all students, but particularly helpful for club leaders or students planning events.

Screenshot of the Fuqua Blue Book home page

We have tried to include all the pertinent information you will use and need access to during your time at Fuqua; however, this is not an exhaustive list and if there is something you feel should be added to this site please let us know by emailing us at studentlife@fuqua.duke.edu. You can also reference the Fuqua MBA Blue Book, which references a lot of information available on the Fuqua411 and is most relevant for new or incoming students.