The Building Management Office (BMO) is generally open from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. If you need to contact the BMO staff outside of office hours or report a problem with Fuqua facilities, you may email operations-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu.
The main entrances to Fuqua are open Monday through Friday from 7am-9pm and on Saturday from 7am-5pm. Exterior doors are locked all day Sunday. Your DukeCard is programmed for 24/7 access to all exterior doors, Team Room sections, the Computer Lab, the Elevator to Seminar G, and the Changing Rooms.
There are gender-specific changing rooms located on the lower level of the Fox Student Center. These rooms have space to hang up clothes, cubbies for toiletries, two showers, towel service, full length mirrors, and hair dryers. Access to the changing rooms is with your DukeCard. Fuqua students are automatically programmed into these changing rooms.
Please see the main Fuqua website for detailed directions to Fuqua.  Additionally, a map of the Fuqua building can be found here.
The ePrint service enables you to print from your own computer to printers distributed throughout the Fuqua student computing space. Students are allotted a $55 quota for printing from the beginning of the academic year. The quota is refreshed at the beginning of the Spring 1 term.  A student’s FLEX account is charged for any printing that goes over quota. Color printing is available in the Fox Center. Color printing is charged to FLEX and does not count against quota. Instructions for setting up ePrint at Fuqua can be found here. You can find a map of printers enabled with ePrint on the TSC’s website.

You may have your personal faxes sent from the BMO at the following rates:

Cover Sheet & First Page Each Additional Page
Domestic No Charge No Charge
Central America/Europe $3.50 $2.00
All Other Countries $4.00 $2.50
NOTE:  the BMO accepts cash and checks only.
Please see "Ford Library" content under the Academics Section of this site.
Gender neutral restrooms are located in Keller Center East, Room E146T (to the left of Sauer classroom, near the entrance). Additional gender neutral restrooms are immediately above on the 2nd floor.

Duke’s lactation rooms are managed through Duke HR. To request access to Fuqua's lactation room, visit https://hr.duke.edu/benefits/family-friendly. Select "Newborn/Prenatal Care", then "Lactation Rooms", then follow the steps to request access. Most lactation rooms on campus are equipped with a Medela Lactina electric pump. You will need to bring your own attachments for the Lactina pump.  Refrigeration/storage is not provided in the rooms, so be prepared to store your breast milk as needed.

Upon accessing the room, slide the sign to IN USE to alert other users that someone is using the room. Slide the sign back to VACANT when you leave the room unoccupied. Please respect the privacy of all Lactation Room users by knocking before keying in your card access to the rooms. Do not prop open the door at any time.

The Fuqua School of Business Lactation Room is located in Keller Center East, Room E142.  For the location of other lactation rooms on campus please follow this link.

There is a Lost and Found located in the Building Management Operations Office, A06. You may email the BMO at operations-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu to inquire about a lost item, or stop by the BMO Offices located on the lower level of the Magat Academic Center. Items not claimed within the academic year are then donated to various organizations, such as Goodwill, Cell Phone for Soldiers, Give the Gift of Sight, etc. Water bottles and containers of coffee are frequently left around our facility. We have provided a collection tub for these items in the kiosk near the vending areas, microwaves and refrigerators in Fox.
Shipping items to Fuqua Students are not permitted to have personal mail or packages sent to Fuqua, but student groups (clubs, sections, etc.) may send items purchased for an event/initiative to Fuqua. If you will be shipping items to Fuqua, please be sure:
  • The club or student group (e.g. "General Management Club", "Class of 2020 Section 4") is clearly labeled on the shipping label so the BMO knows where to route the package.
  • Alert the BMO (operations-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu) that you will be expecting packages. This will also help ensure those packages get routed to the appropriate people.
Sending mail from Fuqua General student mail is not distributed, and should not be sent to the school. The BMO is not a USPS Office which means you cannot pay for postage or weigh packages in the BMO. There are three mail slots in the Fuqua mailroom for U.S. Mail, Metered/Campus Mail, and Building Mail:
  • U.S. Mail: Stamps may be purchased in the BMO for personal mail. We ask that no more than 10 stamps at a time be purchased. Outgoing mail with the correct postage (already stamped), should be placed in the "U.S. Mail" slot.
  • Campus Mail: Campus Mail is mail going to other areas of the University (not Fuqua).
  • Building Mail: Mail going to other Fuqua Campus locations should be placed in the "Building Mail" slot.
FedEx FedEx packages may be sent from the BMO. Payment should be made by your personal credit card. Blank FedEx airbills may be used for your personal shipments. These forms may be obtained from the BMO. There is a 4:30 Federal Express pick up from the BMO Office, A06, and a 6:00pm pick up from the FedEx drop box located off of the main lobby of the Magat Academic Center beside the elevator.
If you choose not to purchase a permit to the Science Drive Garage, you may elect to purchase an after-hours or "night" permit at no charge. This permit is good Monday - Friday from 5pm to 6:59am and all day on Saturday and Sunday and allows access to the Science Drive Garage, among other parking locations. To learn more about the night permit and how to obtain one, visit here.
A prayer and meditation room, located just off the Keller Center East Mallway in Room E144, provides a quiet place for you to go and pray or meditate, write in your journal, and just have some quiet time. It is open 24 hours and available to the Fuqua Community.

The Fuqua School of Business is smoke-free to protect our community and visitors from secondhand smoke. Smoking and vaping are not allowed indoors. Smoking is allowed at select outdoor locations and ash urns are provided at these locations for your convenience. We kindly ask that you not move these ash urns from the approved location and please do not throw cigarette butts onto sidewalks or lawn areas.

The full Fuqua smoking policy (which includes details on e-cigarettes/vaping) can be found here. All faculty, staff and students should become familiar with these guidelines and event coordinators are responsible for communicating this information to all clients and potential users of Fuqua facilities.

Beginning July 1, 2020, all of Duke University will be going entirely smoke-free. This means cigarette smoking will no longer be permitted anywhere on Duke’s campus, including the outdoor locations at Fuqua. The policy specifically prohibits the use of cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, hookahs but will not apply to e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco or therapeutic products containing nicotine. Duke students can access nicotine replacement therapy or other cessation programs through Student Health which will be covered through the Duke Student Health Insurance Plan. Learn more about this policy here.

Due to parking conditions surrounding athletic events on campus at Duke, it has become necessary to reserve the Fuqua gated parking lot, the preferred lot for student and other tailgating events. Reservation requests should be sent to operations-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu. Fuqua Community parking needs will be reviewed, and approval will be made if enough space is available within the lot to accommodate the tailgate event. Please note that reserving space is not exclusive, and those with Fuqua lot permits will still be provided access.

BLUF:  Teams have priority to use team rooms over individuals unless the individual has an interview (subject to rules below).  There will be occasions when team rooms are reserved for CMC or academic activities, which have the highest priority.

Reservations (CMC/Academic) > Teams = Individual Interviewee > Individual Studying


  • If a student has a phone or Skype interview, they should first check if they can reserve a CMC interview room at the desired time by emailing cmc-info@fuqua.duke.edu. Please note that the more advance notice you provide the more likely it is that you will be able to reserve a room. If your interview is after 6pm you do not need to reserve a room. Students are also encouraged to check to see if the phone booths located at the bottom of the semi-circular stairs in the Fox Center are available. The phone booths are first come, first served and cannot be reserved
  • If neither phone booth is available and a CMC room cannot be reserved, the student can use a team room as an individual for the purpose of the phone or Skype interview.  Use of the team room for an interview will have equal priority to a team or group of students. The individual student with the interview will only have priority for the duration of the interview, with a maximum allowance of 45 minutes. The student with the interview must indicate with a sign on the outside of the team room that they are interviewing.
    • NOTE: This is an experiment and relies heavily on your collective integrity to first try to use CMC rooms and if those rooms are unavailable, to only claim use of a team room for interviews when you are truly interviewing. This is a privilege we are creating in order to recognize the need for a quiet place to interview. Any dishonest representation in order to use a team room as an individual may be recognized as an honor code violation.

Study Use

  • Team rooms may be occupied by Fuqua students only on a first-come, first-served basis, and A GROUP ALWAYS HAS PRIORITY over a single student unless the student is interviewing (see above).
  • At least one member of a team must remain in the room at all times to hold a room. If other members of the team fail to return in a reasonable amount of time (15 minutes), the single occupant must offer to give the room up to a team waiting to use the space.
  • Leaving study materials spread on the table when no team members remain in the room WILL NOT HOLD THE SPACE

Team Rooms may not be reserved except for admissions or recruiting activities and class breakout sessions.

The Career Management Center interview rooms on the fourth floor of the East Wing may be used as team rooms in the evenings, weekends, and other times that they are not being used by the CMC. These guidelines were developed to ensure the most efficient use of the limited group study space for all Fuqua students.

A student may request special parking for a qualified medical condition.

Permanent Handicapped Parking for Students

Students requesting permanent handicap parking should provide a permanent state issued accessible parking placard to the Parking Office located in the Science Drive Garage, 302 Science Drive, at the intersection of Science Drive and Cameron Blvd/Hwy 751. You may enter the garage from the JB Duke driveway, located off Science Drive, and pull a ticket from the dispenser to park while visiting the parking office.

Temporary Proximity Parking for Students

Temporary proximity parking requests, 90 days or less due to a medical condition, should be submitted to Fuqua’s Building Management Office, operations-bmo@fuqua.duke.edu with a doctor’s note from a medical provider (MD, DO, PA, and NP). The doctor’s note should state the individual’s mobility and limitations, along with the expected duration of the recovery.  Temporary proximity parking will be provided to the student in the Fuqua Lot.