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Health & Well-being

The Fuqua experience is designed to be transformational. Experiencing stress and overcoming challenges or occasional failures may come as part of a transformational experience. Learning to bounce back and build resiliency will serve you well during your time at Fuqua and throughout your career. During this process, it’s important to stay true to yourself and carve out time to care for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Below are some resources and services to support your health and wellness at Fuqua. Additionally, we’ve included a link to a blog written by an alum about how learning to deal with failure and build resiliency were huge parts of her development as a leader at Fuqua. You will also find some TedTalks that focus on some of the common challenges students may face.

You are not going through this journey alone. Team Fuqua – your fellow students, faculty, and staff – is here to help, so please reach out should you feel you need support.

Duke Health & Well-being Resources

  • Blue Devils Care – 24/7 Mental Telehealth Service free to students
  • CAPS – Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Exercise Facilities and Clubs
  • Health Insurance
    • Should you have specific questions about the Student Medical Insurance Plan, coverage, or claims, please email insurance@studentaffairs.duke.edu or call (919) 684-1000.
    • Please note, all students are required to have insurance.  International students are required to have the Duke Student Medical Insurance Plan.  All Duke students must have the Duke Student Medical Insurance Plan OR have applied for and received a waiver that indicates you have comparable coverage through another vendor.
  • Nutrition Services
  • Student Health Services
  • Student Wellness Center
    • The Duke Student Wellness Center houses CAPS, DukeReach, Student Health Services, DuWell, Nutrition Services, and a number of other services and resources. Students can also fill and pick up prescriptions at the on-site pharmacy. Other things to check out: a meditation garden and the Oasis at Campus Center. The building was purposefully designed to create a positive physical environment that is both inviting and reflective of Duke’s wellness mission. The Student Wellness Center is at 305 Towerview Road, next to Penn Pavilion.

Duke Safety Resources

Fuqua-Specific Resources

  • COLE Fellows: SY Fuqua students assigned to FY teams that provide valuable insight and perspective.  Sometimes just talking about things with your SYs can really help.
  • Career Management Center: Provide coaching and support to help you with the overall career process.
  • MBAA Health and Wellness: Organize and facilitate many health and wellness program initiatives to help students.
  • Student Life Staff: the Office of Student Life team is happy to talk with you and help you manage what can sometimes be a challenging time. Connect with Student Life if you are experiencing personal or academic obstacles.

GPSG Resources

The Graduate and Professional Student Government of Duke University is the umbrella student government organization for Duke’s nine graduate and professional schools. They provide a number of resources Fuqua students may find useful, including:

Additional Insights & Resources

Resources for common challenges our students face:




If you, or a fellow Fuquan that you know, have any questions or concerns about health, wellness or safety, please contact Student Life.