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The Fuqua Community Standard


Duke University is a community dedicated to scholarship, leadership, and service and to the principles of honesty, fairness, respect, and accountability. Citizens of this community commit to reflect upon and uphold these principles in all academic and non-academic endeavors, and to protect and promote a culture of integrity.

To uphold the Fuqua Community Standard:

  • I will not lie, cheat, or steal in my academic endeavors;
  • I will conduct myself honorably in all my endeavors; and
  • I will act if the Standard is compromised.

The Fuqua Community Standard embodies Fuqua’s Guiding Principles (Honor Code, Learning Partnership, Diversity Statement, and Team Charter). Community entails a sense of connectedness to others and their welfare, feeling part of Duke University every day and being responsible for its continual improvement. Community refers as well to a feeling of connection to the region of the world in which we are located. It posits the counterbalancing of group benefit with individual needs and wants, and a Duke identity with the many personal identities based on demographics and interest. The kind of environment we strive to achieve is one in which civility (but not docility) reigns; an environment in which ideas are promulgated, and challenged, in a stimulating give and take; an environment in which learning (whether from peers, faculty, administrators, or others in the Duke and broader communities) is accomplished with openness, honesty, and respect. The Honor Code is a driving influence in the community standard because it expresses our institution’s core values and a concomitant set of expectations for behavior.

Because behavior is derivative of fundamental values, the community standard applies off campus as well as on. The principles it articulates, while lofty in one sense, are firmly grounded in individual decisions made on the ground every day about every aspect of the Fuqua experience, in academic, recruiting, and co-curricular activities alike: in the classroom, hotels, regions of the world, and wherever else students may go. In addition, the Standard asks that students not only reflect on their own behavior, as important as that is, but that they also act to encourage the integrity of their peers. By inspiring and supporting each other, students can shape their environment so that it reflects the ideals expressed in the Fuqua Community Standard.

The Standard, therefore, expresses our goals for the Fuqua community in the broadest sense and is foundational to life as a Duke student. Duke University seeks to engage all students in its tradition of honor, a tradition that defines the institution and helps to guide students during their Fuqua experience and beyond. The students here today, who are the beneficiaries of the efforts of those who preceded them, have an extraordinarily important role to play in perpetuating and strengthening this tradition.

The Fuqua Community Standard encompasses:

  • The Fuqua Honor Code
  • The Fuqua Career Code of Conduct
  • Diversity & Inclusion Statement
  • Sexual Misconduct Policy
  • Behavioral expectations and potential disciplinary actions related to:
    • Alcohol use
    • Classroom disruption
    • Disorderly conduct
    • Drugs/Drug paraphernalia
    • Falsification and fraud
    • Gambling
    • Hazing
    • Property and facilities use
    • Physical violence
    • Weapons
    • Stalking or unauthorized surveillance

The Fuqua Community Standard can be read in it’s entirety here: https://www.fuqua.duke.edu/fuqua-community-standard