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The Location

  • Near Marojey Park: 120,000 acres
  • Duke Engage Independent project was in Matsobe near Andapa (small reserve)
  • Global Health was/will be near us (good because means locals are used to seeing foreigners)
  • Sambava: Duke Lemur Center location (with airport)
  • Manintenina is ~1.5 hour drive from Sambava
  • SAVA: Sambava, Antalalah (S), Vohemar (N), Andapa (W)
  • Roads in SAVA are nicely paved (good for material transport)


Figure 1: Marojey Park


Figure 2: Truck boarding river ferry south of Manantenina

madagascar on a map

Figure 3: Manantenina on a map

The Project

  • Rainwater Catchment in Manintenina 
  • Built at School (EPP- ecole primaire publique de Manintenina)
  • Camping site: Tents, Outhouse, Shower, Hire cook
  • Malagasy and French languages


Figure 2: Example of a rain catchment system

The Construction

  • Materials (rebar, cement, sand, stone/gravel, guttering (PVC, metal))
  • Cement and Guttering is expensive
  • Need to find sustainable materials
  • Engaging a contractor
  • Work alongside local labor