Non-PhD teaching: 

I teach financial accounting at Master and Management Studies (MMS), Weekend Executive MBA (WEMBA), and daytime MBA programs at Duke.  I received the Master of Management Studies Excellence in Teaching Award in 2016. Current students can visit the class website here.


PhD teaching: 

Jointly with my colleague Qi Chen, I teach PhD classes covering analytical research in accounting. Certain topics covered include Bayesian persuasion, verifiable disclosure, real effects of disclosure, rational inattention, global games, feedback effect, banking and their applications in accounting. Our PhD class cover similar materials every other year. The most recent topics covered and the slides are attached below.

Syllabus of Fall 2021

Syllabus of Spring 2023

Slides of Class 1, Spring 2023: Introduction and Traditional Models of Capital Markets

Slides of Class 2, Spring 2023: Traditional Models of Capital Markets Continued

Slides of Class 3, Spring 2023: Feedback Effect Without Disclosure

Slides of Class 4, Spring 2023: Feedback Effect With Disclosure

Slides of Class 5, Spring 2023: Verifiable Disclosure with Strategic Withholding

Slides of Class 6, Spring 2023: Costly Misreporting and Earnings Management

Slides of Class 7, Spring 2023: Modelling of Accounting Conservatism

Slides of Class 8, Spring 2023: Real Effects of Accounting Disclosure

I gave a talk at the 2021 European Accounting Association (EAA) PhD forum discussing recent trends in analytical accounting research. I picked two topics that I am most familiar with (by no means is it representative of the recent trends): Properties of accounting info besides precision and rational inattention. The slides are attached below.

EAA 2021 PhD Forum Slides: Recent Trends in Analytical Accounting Research

In recent years, I have developed an interest in tax research. I discuss certain analytical topics in tax research (mostly in economics) with our Ph.D. students. Some of the slides are attached below (will be added as time goes on)

Overview of Tax Incidence and the classical Harberger (1962) paper

Auerbach Hines Review Paper on Taxation and Economic Efficiency

House Shapiro AER 2008 Bonus Deprecation on Investment

Coles et al. JAR forthcoming Firms’ Response to Tax Rates