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Our Team

Many of our 14 principal investigators (PIs) have been involved in the seminal research on metrics with special holonomy and applications. All have made and continue to make essential contributions to the field. (Members of the Steering Committee are denoted by *. Investigators who joined the collaboration in 2020 are indicated by ).

Bobby Acharya* (ICTP & King’s College London)
Robert Bryant* (Duke) – Director
Mirjam Cvetič (University of Pennsylvania)
Sir Simon Donaldson* (Imperial College & SCGP)
Sebastian Goette (Freiburg)
Mark Haskins* (Duke) – Deputy Director
Dominic Joyce (Oxford)
Jason Lotay (Oxford)
David Morrison* (UC-Santa Barbara)
Johannes Nordström (Bath)
Simon Salamon (King’s College London)
Sakura Schafer-Nameki (Oxford)
Song Sun (UC-Berkeley)
Thomas Walpuski (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)

In addition, the team is augmented by a number of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. These junior researchers play essential roles in our main research projects and also facilitate knowledge dissemination through research visits between different PIs in the Collaboration.

Collaboration Postdocs

Former Collaboration Postdocs

Collaboration Graduate Students

Former Collaboration Graduate Students