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Four regular, thematic Collaboration meetings are to be held annually, two in the US and two in the UK. One US meeting will take place at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics and will be scheduled to coordinate with the annual Collaboration presentation at the Simons Foundation. In addition, subgroup meetings, teleconferences, and meetings held in cooperation with other groups will be planned in response to research developments. The current calendar of meetings sponsored by the Collaboration is given below. (Dates are approximate until meetings are announced with web pages of their own.)

06–10 Sep 2016, Simons Center Inaugural Conference
12–16 Sep 2016, Simons Center Physics Background for Applications of Special Holonomy
09–13 Jan 2017, Imperial College Collapse, Adiabatic Limits and Special Holonomy
05-09 June 2017, Imperial College Constructions of Compact Exceptional Holonomy Spaces
07-25 Aug 2017, Aspen Center for Physics* G2 Working Group
10-13 Sep 2017, Simons Center Special Holonomy: Progress and Open Problems 2017
14-15 Sep 2017, Simons Foundation First Annual Meeting
08-12 Jan 2018, Imperial College Gauge Theory and Special Holonomy
26-30 Mar 2018, Texas A&M University* String Theory and Special Holonomy Manifolds
09-13 Apr 2018, Duke University Structure of Collapsed Special Holonomy Spaces
04-08 June 2018, Imperial College Geometric Flows and Special Holonomy
09-12 Sep 2018, Simons Center Special Holonomy: Progress and Open Problems 2018
12 Sep 2018, Simons Foundation Simons Foundation Lecture: An Excursion Through Geometry, Topology and Analysis in 4 Dimensions and Beyond, by Sir Simon Donaldson (Stony Brook and Imperial College London)
13-14 Sep 2018, Simons Foundation Second Annual Meeting
07-11 Jan 2019, Imperial College Special Holonomy and Algebraic Geometry
(Organizers: Song Sun, Thomas Prince, David R. Morrison and Mark Haskins)
08-12 Apr 2019, KITP, Santa Barbara Physics and Special Holonomy
(Organizers: David R. Morrison and Bobby Acharya)
20-22 May 2019, King’s College London* Kähler and special toric geometry
03-07 June 2019, Imperial College Special Holonomy and Calibrated Geometry
(Organizers: Dominic Joyce and Mark Haskins)
09-15 June 2019, Jersey* British Isles Graduate Workshop III
08-11 Sep 2019, Simons Center Special Holonomy: Progress and Open Problems 2019
11 Sep 2019, Simons Foundation Simons Foundation Lecture: Stringy Predictions for Our Universe, by Cumrun Vafa (Harvard)
12-13 Sep 2019, Simons Foundation Third Annual Meeting
06-10 January 2020, Imperial College Geometry and Analysis of Moduli Spaces
(Organizers: Dominic Joyce and Aleksander Doan)
01-05 June 2020, virtual meeting online Moduli of special holonomy metrics and their periods
(Organizers: Mark Haskins, Jason Lotay, David Morrison and Simon Salamon)
9 September 2020, Simons Foundation Fourth Annual Meeting (not public)
9 September 2020, Simons Foundation Simons Foundation Lecture: Existence of Canonical Metrics on Non-Kähler Geometry, by Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard and Tsinghua)
14, 16, 18 September 2020, virtual meeting online Special Holonomy: Progress and Open Problems 2020
(Organizers: Bobby Acharya, Mirjam Cvetič and Jason Lotay)
26 – 30 October 2020, virtual meeting hosted by the American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, California* Special Holonomy and Branes (Postponed from April)
(Organizers: Sergei Gukov, Rafe Mazzeo, and Sakura Schafer-Nameki)
11 – 15 January 2021, virtual meeting online Donaldson-Thomas invariants and Resurgence
(Organizers: Dominic Joyce, Simon Salamon, and Sakura Schafer-Nameki)
24 – 28 May 2021, virtual meeting online Numerical and Geometric Methods for Ricci-flat Metrics and Flows
(Organizers: Bobby Acharya, Robert Bryant, and Jason Lotay)
9-10 Sep 2021, Simons Foundation Fifth Annual Meeting
12-15 Sep 2021, Simons Center Special Holonomy: Progress and Open Problems 2021
(Organizer: Mark Haskins)
*Meetings of subgroups, or co-sponsored with other institutions.