RA Team

Research Africa’s mailing list is funded by Duke Africa Initiative.

List of editors and coordinators:

Wallace Peaslee, Duke University, (wallace.peaslee@duke.edu), Lead Editor ;

Nathaniel Berndt, Duke University, (nathaniel.berndt@duke.edu), Associate Editor;

Mbaye Lo, Duke University (mbayelo@duke.edu) Project Developer & Associate Editor;

Saad El-Hadi, Duke University, (saad.vall@duke.edu), Coordinator;

Zhuri Bryant, Duke University, (zhuri.bryant@duke.edu), Associate Editor.

Hadeel Hamoud, Duke University, (hadeel.hamoud@duke.edu), Associate Editor;

Former Team members:

Leah Rothfeld, Duke University, founding member and lead editor (2016-18).
Yattabare Cheickna Ahmad, Fulbright Scholar from Mali/ Duke University, AMES 2016-17.
Madison Cullinan, Duke University,lead editor (2018-20).