Volume 2, Issue 3 – Dec. 2018

Volume 2, Issue 3– December, 2018

Volume 2 (2018), Issue 3 # 1-13
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RA Reviews’ Editorial Voice: Africa’s Academic Publishing Industry – Quo Vadis?
Muhammed Haron (Editor-in-Chief).

#1 Review Essay: From Policy to Practice: University Accreditation and National Development in Nigeria.
A Review Essay by: Bukola Adeyemi Oyeniyi, Missouri State University.

#2 Book: Africanization and Americanization Anthology: Africa Vs North America : Searching for Inter-racial, Interstitial, Inter-sectional, and Interstates.
Author: Tendai Rinos Mwanaka (Editor). Year: 2018.
Reviewed by Harriet Lewis, University of Phoenix & Principal Consultant, Konesens Development.

#3 Book: Institutions and Democracy in Africa: How the Rules of the Game Shape Political Developments.
Author: Cheeseman, Nic (Ed.), 2018.
Reviewed by: Addis Gedefaw Birhanu, Emlyon Business School, France.

#4 Book: Africa in Stereo: Modernism, Music, and Pan-African Solidarity
Author: Tsitsi Ella Jaji. Year: 2014.
Reviewed by: Korka Sall, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

#5 Book: Community-Oriented Education for Health Professionals: A Cultural Analysis Approach to Curriculum Planning.
Author: Francis Sarr. Year: 2018.
Reviewed by: Badr Abdelfattah Abdelkafy Badr, Ain Shams University, Cairo.

#6 Book: Electricity in Africa: The Politics of Transformation in Uganda.
Author: Christopher D Gore. Year: 2017.
Reviewed by: Joseph Kasule, MISR, Makerere University, Kampala.

#7 Book: Doomed Interventions: The Failure of Global Responses to Aids in Africa.
Author: Kim Yi Dionne. Year: 2017.
Reviewed by: Bourouayah Mohamed, former vice-rector of Emir Abdelkader University, Algeria.

#8 Book: Double Negative: The Black Image and Popular Culture.
Author: Racquel J. Gates. Year: 2018.
Reviewed by: Aman Nadhiri, Johnson C. Smith University, North Carolina.

#9 Book: Slave Owners of West Africa: Decision Making in the Age of Abolition.
Author: Sandra E. Greene (eds). Year: 2017.
Reviewed by: Karl E. Johnson, Ramapo College of New Jersey.

#10 Book: Al-Thaqāfah wa-l-muthaqqafūn fī Afrīqiyah, (Culture and the Cultured People in Africa).
Author: Helmi Sharawy, 2016
Review by: Amidu Sanni, Vice-Rector, Fountain University, Osogbo, Nigeria.

#11 Book: The Arts and the Crafts of Literacy. Islamic Manuscript Cultures in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Author: Andrea Brigaglia and Mauro Nobili (Editors). Year: 2017.
Reviewed by: Paul E. Lovejoy, Canada Research Chair, York University.

Arabic Books
#12 Book:
السلوك التصويتي للدول الأفريقية في الأمم المتحدة .تجاه المسألة العراقية
المؤلف: محمد فاضل نعمة. سنة ومكان النشر: القاهرة، ٢٠١٨
Reviewed by: Farida Bendary, The Iraqi-African Center for Strategic Studies & Cairo University

#13 Book: احْتِجَاجَاتٌ مُؤَسْلَمَةٌ: السِّنِغَالُ بَيْنَ دِبْلُومَاسِيَّةِ النُّفُوذِ وَالْإِسْلَام السِّيَاسِــيِّ
المؤلف: بَكَرِي سامبْ. مَنْشُورَاتُ أَفْرِيَكَانَا، ﭬُـودْرُوسْ-دُورِيُونْ (كَنَدَا)، 2018م، 238 ص. تعريب: عثمان جاو
Reviewed by: Khadim Ndiaye/ translated by Ousmane Daiw, Senegal & Al-Azhar University, Cairo.

Review Team
Editor-In-Chief & Associate Editors
• Muhammed Haron, Professor of Religious Studies, Department of Theology & Religious Studies, University of Botswana, Executive Member, Centre for Contemporary Islam, University of Cape Town, & Associate Research in the Faculty of Theology at the University of Pretoria (haronm@mopipi.ub.bw). (Editor-In-Chief);
• Wendy Wilson-Fall, Associate Professor and Chair, Africana Studies Program Oeschle Center for International Education, Lafayette College (wilsonfw@lafayette.edu);
• Hassan Juma Ndzovu, PhD. Senior Lecturer of Religious Studies, Department of Religious Studies, Moi University, Kenya (hassan.ndzovu@gmail.com);
• Yunus Dumbe, PhD. Religious Studies Department, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Accra, Ghana, (ydumbe@gmail.com);
• Badr Abdelfattah Badr, PhD. Assistant Professor of Curriculum & Instruction, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt (badr_elkafy@edu.asu.edu.eg);
• Bamba Drame, Dar El Hadith El Hassaniya Institute, Rabat Morocco, (ndrame.online@gmail.com);
• Mbaye Lo, Associate Professor of the Practice, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Duke
University; (mbayelo@duke.edu).

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