June 8, 2023: Call for Reviewers: Research Africa Reviews: Volume 7, Issue 2

Dear Research Africa members and associates,

Below is a list of titles that are available for RAR reviewers. The review must be submitted by August 18th, 2023. Please, review the RAR Guidelines on formatting and writing a review.

RAR is also soliciting literature review pieces or responses to published reviews on any issues and themes related to Africa.

If interested, please reply to this email and copy (research_africa-editor@duke.edu.)

Please, sign your email response with your academic affiliation or credentials.

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Title: From Migrants to Refugees: The Politics of Aid along the Tanzania-Rwanda Border

Author: Jill Rosenthal

Publisher: Duke University Press, 2023

Title: Beyond Piety and Politics: Religion, Social Relations, and Public Preferences in the Middle East and North Africa

Author: Sabri Ciftci, F. Michael Wuthrich and Ammar Shamaileh.

Publisher: Indiana University, 2022

Title: Zar Spirit: Possession, Music, and Healing Rituals in Egypt

Author: Hager El Hadidi.

Publisher: The American University of Cairo Press, 2022

Title: The Gambia in Transition: Towards a New Constitutional Order

Author: Satang Nabaneh, Adem Abebe and Gaye Sowe(editors)

Publisher: Pretoria University Law Press, 2022

Title: Moroccan Other-archives: History and Citizenship after State Violence

Author: Brahim El Guabli.

Publisher: Fordham University Press, 2023

Title: Visualising China in Southern Africa Biography, Circulation, Transgression

Editor(s): Juliette Leeb-du Toit, Ruth Simbao, Ross Anthony

Publisher: Witts University Press, 2023

Title: The Briny South: Displacement and Sentiment in the Indian Ocean World.

Author: Nienke Boer

Publisher: Duke University Press, 2023

Title: An Ethnography of Faith: Personal Conceptions of Religiosity in the Soutpansberg, South Africa, in the Early 20th Century

Author: Caroline Jeannerat

Publisher: Basler Afrika Bibliographien, Namibia, 2023

Title: Uncovering Memory Filming in South Africa, Germany, Poland and Bosnia/Herzegovina

Author(s): Tanja Sakota

Publisher: Witts University Press, 2023

Title: Five Hundred African Voices: A Catalog of Published Accounts by Africans Enslaved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, 1586-1936

Author: Aaron Spencer Fogleman and Robert Hanserd

Publisher: ‎ American Philosophical Society, 2023

Title: Breakup: A Marriage in Wartime

Author: Anjan Sundaram

Publisher: Catapult, 2023

Title: Flooded Pasts UNESCO, Nubia, and the Recolonization of Archaeology.

Author: William Carruthers

Publisher: Cornell University Press, 2023

Title: Transitional Justice in Tunisia: Innovations, Continuities, Challenges

Author: Simon Robins and Paul Gready (Editors)

Publisher: Routledge, 2022.

Title: Insignificant Things: Amulets and the Art of Survival in the Early Black Atlantic

Author: Matthew Francis Rarey.

Publisher: Duke University Press, 2023