Issue 1 – April, 2023

Volume 7, Issue 1– April, 2023

Volume 7 (2023), Issue 1 # 1-17
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RA Reviews’ Editorial Voice: Opinions on Sudan
#1 Sudan’s Unending Predicament: Background to the Outbreak of a New War
Written by: Bakheit Mohammed Nur, PhD, Research Fellow at the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

RA Reviews’ Editorial Voice: Opinions on Sudan
#2 Why Sudan’s Fourth Democratic Transition Is Doomed to Failure?
Written by: Gamal Gasim, Associate Professor of Political Science and Middle East Studies, Grand Valley State University.

RA Reviews’ Editorial Voice: Opinions on Sudan
#3 We, the Intellectuals, and another war in Sudan
Written by: Angela Kahil, Professor of History and International Relations USEK, Lebanon and INALCO, Paris.

#4 Obituary: The Legacy of Helmi Sharawy: African Intellectual and Freedom Fighter.
Written by: Hamdy A. Hassan, professor, Zayed and Cairo Universities

#5 Obituary: Helmi Sharawy (1935-2023).
Written by: Reem Abou-El-Fadl, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics of the Middle East, SOAS University of London

#6 Book: Corrupted: A study of chronicDdysfunction in South African Universities.
Author: Jonathan D Jansen. Year: 2023.
Reviewed by: Alinah K. Segobye, Gaborone, Botswana.

#7 Book: Corrupted: A study of chronic dysfunction in South African Universities.
Author: Jonathan D Jansen. Year: 2023.
Reviewed by: Addamms Mututa, University of Nairobi, Kenya.

#8 Book: A Ritual Geology: Gold and Subterranean Knowledge in Savannah West Africa.
Author: Robyn d’Avignon. Year: 2022.
Reviewed by: Ralph A. Austen, University of Chicago.

#9 Book: A Ritual Geology: Gold and Subterranean Knowledge in Savannah West Africa.
Author: Robyn d’Avignon. Year: 2022.
Reviewed by: Bruce Whitehouse, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Lehigh University.

#10 Book: Arrested Development: The Soviet Union in Ghana, Guinea, and Mali, 1955-1968.
Author: Alessandro Iandolo. Year: 2022.
Reviewed by: Donald Peter Chimanikire, Senior Lecturer, Department of Governance and Public Management, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe.

#11 Book: White Malice: the CIA and the Neo-Colonisation of Africa.
Author: Susan Williams. Year: 2021.
Reviewed by: Judy Seidman, a cultural worker and visual artist and independent scholar.

#12 Book: Across the Waves: Strategies of Belonging in Indian Ocean Island Societies.
Author: Iain Walker and Marie-Aude Fouere (eds. Year: 2022.
Reviewed by: Nathaniel Mathews, department of Africana Studies,

#13 Book: Khoisan Consciousness: An Ethnography of Emic Histories and Indigenous Revivalism in Post-Apartheid Cape Town.
Author: Rafael Verbuyst and Ghent University. Year: 2022.
Reviewed by: Connie Rapoo, University of Botswana.

#14 Book: Poverty and Wealth in East Africa: A Conceptual History.
Author: Rhiannon Stephens. Year: 2022.
Reviewed by: Avenel Rolfsen, Indiana University- Bloomington.

#15 Book: Paradise Lost: Race and Racism in Post-Apartheid South Africa.
Author: Gregory Houston, Modimowabarwa Kanyane and Yul Derek Davids (Eds.). Year: 2022.
Reviewed by: Kathryn Mathers, Duke University.

#16 Book: Potentials, Challenges and Prospects of halal Tourism Development in Ethiopia.
Author: Mohammed Jemal Ahmed and Atilla Akbaba. Year: 2023.
Reviewed by: Abdifatah Shafat, Jigjiga University, Jigjiga, Ethiopia.

#17 Book: A Village and Its NGOs: Co-constructing NGO Presence in Rural Malawi.
Author: Thomas McNamara. Year: 2022.
Reviewed by: Jamaine Abidogun, Missouri State University, USA.

Review Team
Editor-In-Chief & Associate Editors
Muhammed Haron, Former Professor of Religious Studies: University of Botswana & Associate Researcher: Stellenbosch University, South Africa. ( & ( (Editor-In-Chief);
Wendy Wilson-Fall, Professor and Chair, Africana Studies Program Oeschle Center for International Education, Lafayette College (;
Hassan Juma Ndzovu, PhD. Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Moi University, Kenya (;
Bamba Drame, PhD, Dar El Hadith El Hassaniya Institute, Rabat Morocco, (;
Alinah Segobye, Professor, Northwest University, South Africa & Botswana, (;
Ifeyinwa Okolo, Associate Professor, Federal University Lokoja, Nigeria, (;
Hamdy Hassan,Professor, Cairo University, Egypt & Zayd University, UAE (
Mbaye Lo, Associate Professor of the Practice, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, and International Comparative Studies, Duke
University; (

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