Hi Friends!

My name is Abby and I am a senior at Duke. I am excited to delve into this class and explore the role that archives has taken in shaping Duke’s impact and understanding of Durham.

I am a member of the varsity rowing team but had an interesting path onto the team. I was initially recruited to swim here and enjoyed my freshman and sophomore year as a swimmer. After my sophomore year, the rowing coach saw me cross training and offered me a spot on her squad. I was excited for the opportunity to play two different sports at a division one level and jumped at the opportunity. I have loved my new sport and look forward to trying to continue my athletic career after I graduate.

I am studying psychology and education with a depth in developmental psychology. I plan on teaching middle schoolers upon graduation while pursuing a master of arts in education in Houston.

Blog Post — Xie

I first noticed that the Orange County List 1875 is preserved in a relatively good condition. Unlike some counties that have suffered from many court house fire and as a result lost track of their tax records, this tax list is maintained in a good condition – it’s easy to read the headline, column headings and contents in each column. 

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Hi everyone! My name is Victoria. I am a sophomore studying computer science here at Duke. I am from Miami, where I have lived my entire life. On campus I am involved in GANO, a volunteer program that teaches English to Native Spanish speakers. In addition, I am also a member of the web design team for The Standard. I am excited to learn more about Durham’s history as well as incorporating my interest in technology throughout this course.

Philip Moss Post 1 – Introduction

Hey everyone! My name is Philip and I am senior studying Computer Science. I am from South Bend, IN, a small city know for its manufacturing past, Notre Dame, and for having the world’s largest chocolate store (look it up!). I have lived there all my life and hope eventually to move back to the Midwest region.  I am the oldest of 6 children; 1 boy and 5 girls. Yes, I have 5 sisters.

On campus,  I am a fourth year scholar in the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program and serve as the chair of the Jazz@ Committee. Also, I am working with other students to start a group called SIMI (Student Institutional Memory Initiative). After Duke, I hope to begin integrating my knowledge of technology with my passion for social work and economic justice. The topics that I am most interested in studying are data science, sociology, community organizing, and STEM education.

Helen Healey – Introduction!

Hi! My name is Helen Healey and I’m a sophomore from Princeton, New Jersey. I have not declared my major yet, but I think I am going to study Visual Media Studies and History with a minor in Education. It has taken me a lot of time to figure out this combination, fortunately though, I am feeling pretty good about it still, so that’s good!

Since coming to Duke, I have absolutely loved getting to know Durham. I was part of the Knowledge in the Service of Society Focus cluster and had the opportunity to work off campus in schools and retirement homes very often! Durham is such a great city and once I saw this Bass Connections group, I knew I wanted to apply. I am looking forward to diving deep into the archives on Durham’s history and making it more accessible to the public. My favorite part about studying history is connecting it to the present and that is what I think is the best part of this project.

Outside of the classroom, I am involved in a variety of programs. I am a tour guide and love showing Duke to prospective students. I am a big fan of sports and love going to the Duke Football and Basketball games as much as possible. I am part of GateKeepers, a club that promotes student attendance at the football games. I am also a member of a sorority on campus. I love taking documentary photography and filmmaking classes and am just in general very excited for this semester!

hey everyone!

Hey y’all,

My name is Kristel. Like I said in the earlier class, I am from Fayetteville, NC, but more specifically Hope Mills. I have lived there all my life, but I was born in Panamá City, Panamá and I lived there for a short 2 years. Yes, I am Panamanian. I am proudly Afro-Latina.

Some things about my family – I have one sister, one brother, and two half-brothers. My half brothers are older than me, but I am the oldest of my other two siblings. My sister goes to the University of Miami and my brother is patiently waiting for his college acceptances! My mom is one of greatest inspirations and she will be graduating next year with me – it’s truly awesome.

Here at school, I am very social and I very involved in the black community. I am apart of The Bridge and DUU. I also volunteer with Durham Public Schools. I have a lot of different interests – medicine, public health, sociology, education, social justice, and so much more. I tend to stay super involved with many things on campus and I always stay busy.

Fun things about me are that I love to work out, tweet, be goofy, and have energizing experiences.

Morgan Hersh – Blog Post 1: Introduction

Hi! I’m Morgan Hersh and I am a junior from Short Hills, NJ (about 12 miles outside of NYC). I am majoring in Sociology with a minor in Education and an MMS certificate. I have always loved working with kids which is why I originally chose to pursue an Education minor. In this course, I hope to learn more about the history of Durham as it pertains to the role of education in the city. I am also curious to see what connections there are between the history of Durham and the history of the city of Newark, NJ, as Newark has been a huge part of my childhood. 

On campus, I am very involved with Duke Football. I am one of the managers of the team as well as an operations intern with the team. Many of my weekends in the fall are spent traveling with the team to away games. I hope to work in sports once I graduate. In addition, I am part of the club soccer team here at Duke. I am very close to my family and they come visit here often. I also have a twin brother who is an athlete at Duke. 

Wenger Blog Post 1 – Introduction

Hello, everyone! My name is Tyler Wenger and I am a sophomore from Bradenton, Florida. I am going to be declaring a major in Computer Science with a minor in Education in the upcoming days. I have always had an interest in looking into how things have come to be. With Durham being my home for the next two and a half years, I figured there would be no better way to see what has shaped the city over the years than having a hands on approach that this course allows. Besides allowing this class to fulfill an education elective towards my minor, I am excited to discover the hidden gems of the city’s rich history. Another reason why I decided to take this course was that I adored Web-Based Multimedia Communications during this past Fall semester.

While at Duke, I have become involved with the tour guide program and love showing the prospective students and families around the campus. If anything, this class should allow me to share more of the history of the city to the guests. Additionally, I play multiple intramural sports with my primary being soccer and am a member of a selective living group.

Xie Blog Post 1 – Introduction

Hi, I am Kira Xie, a first-year computational media MA. I am from Guangzhou, China, a city in southern China.  I’ve lived in Guangzhou for most of my life, but I had lived in Shanghai and Ottawa for a while too. I like driving around to explore new places every time I move to a new place. I love travelling to different places and experience local culture.

I first learned about Digital Durham from Wired! Lab opening day and I got interested in the class after the presentation. I never heard of Durham before coming to Duke, and everything in Durham is so new to me – the southern culture, the tobacco campus, local brewing factories, etc. I actually haven’t explored Durham though I already spent almost 6 months here. I really want to know more about Durham’s history and culture through this course. This course seems to be a good combination of history, visual studies and multimedia storytelling. I want to explore more about Durham’s past and present through engaging with the materials that this course provides and hopefully I could also get some inspiration about my final thesis.

Hendrix Blog Post 1 – Introduction

Hello! I’m Sarah Hendrix, and I am a senior from Concord, North Carolina (a 15 minute drive from Charlotte, NC) majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Statistics and Russian. After I took several courses in the Information Sciences and Studies Department and enjoyed each of them, the department became my go-to when searching for interesting, small classes. During my sophomore year, I took a course where we explored Parrish Street and the Museum of Durham History to learn about the history of race and economics in Durham. The museum contained more than I could absorb in one visit, and it prompted me to start spending more time in Durham and to consider the relationship between Durham and Duke. It is easy to become comfortable in the “Duke bubble” and forget about the city surrounding this university, so as someone in her last semester here, I want to learn all I can about this historic city and create something that can teach others about it.

Outside of the classroom, I am very involved in the Duke marching and pep band, which allows me to combine my interests in playing the trumpet, supporting Duke, spending time with a fantastic group of people, and watching football and basketball! I am a tour guide and enjoy discussing my time at Duke and in Durham with prospective students and families. I used to be an application developer on campus and now work as a computer science UTA, but as an avid hiker I also like to venture off campus to the Eno River State Park to explore the trails and take in the views.