Spring 2018 Course

The Spring 2018 Digital Durham course will be taught on WF 10:05-11:20 in Rubenstein Library 350, unless otherwise noted.  It will combine historical readings and discussion with hands-on, project-based work with Digital Durham collection materials. The course is listed as:

  • ISS 356S
  • VMS 358S
  • EDUC 356S
  • HISTORY 382S

It carries ALP and STS, and is associated with the Bass Connections: Information, Society, and Culture theme. It is not necessary to be a member of the existing Bass Connections Digital Durham team, and new team members may join up in Spring without taking the course , if desired. The course fulfill the ISS electives requirements, as well as VMS in-department major elective requirements.

Graduate students may also take the course with graduate level project expectations) as:

  • ISS 758S
  • HISTORY 758S
  • CMAC 758S
  • EDUC 758S



1875 Orange County Tax Records digitized!

The 1875 Orange County tax records collection we will be using for this project has been digitized and is available on the Internet Archive! One of our first tasks will be to think through how we can transcribe this information effectively for transfer into a database for subsequent analysis.  We will also want to begin collecting relevant contextual information around the year 1875.