Spring 2018 Course

The Spring 2018 Digital Durham course will be taught on WF 10:05-11:20 in Rubenstein Library 350, unless otherwise noted.  It will combine historical readings and discussion with hands-on, project-based work with Digital Durham collection materials. The course is listed as:

  • ISS 356S
  • VMS 358S
  • EDUC 356S
  • HISTORY 382S

It carries ALP and STS, and is associated with the Bass Connections: Information, Society, and Culture theme. It is not necessary to be a member of the existing Bass Connections Digital Durham team, and new team members may join up in Spring without taking the course , if desired. The course fulfill the ISS electives requirements, as well as VMS in-department major elective requirements.

Graduate students may also take the course with graduate level project expectations) as:

  • ISS 758S
  • HISTORY 758S
  • CMAC 758S
  • EDUC 758S



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