Blog Post 3

Durham, N.C

August 22, 1890

My Dear Mr. Gunter,

                                                                                        Your teller was    used the other day just as I was standing up him for a few days vacation and I did not have time to answer it. I took Portia and Pearly up town and they enjoyed the night very much. They want to be in Raleigh at the time you mentioned and I suppose I must let them go for it will be their last seen of vacation for some time. *we found this part particularly difficult to decipher*. You spine (?) of coming up the lost of this lawn or the first of next, but if you go not before arrange to have someone meet them at our ___(?) on the 27th ___ (?) at our ___(?)is in the evening the certainty of ___(?) I will write you later I hope your work is pushing you now as I and is ___ so it will be  necessary for them to ___ .immediately.  I heard that our Bronl Lerred meet to elect your successor (?) yesterday but have both he and the ___ (?). ____ and also that that Professor ____ had send him his ____. He will go forward I am the ____ . We had quite a herazar-… (uncertain what next 4 lines say). Don’t allow any see my writing as they will consider the graded I have of Durham in a face of ____. By the ___ I ___ the Car… here of Alice for up to the long last hitch on ____. I have been nominated for the  ___ ___ ___ for the  Senate . Ben will soon here ___ day. My ____ and ___ of amid. 

Very ___

Jon S. Whirhead



Blog 3 – Kristel + Tyler

Prof Hunter,
Dear sir,
All his old teachers of the Colored Graded School have just been reelected including yourself. The Committee added $5 for worth to your ruling meeting $40 for worth instead of $35 as _____. Hoping you will indicate at will — you as a planner of his position the ______ session.

Yours very ___

Mr. A. Guthrie

Professor Whitted, I regret today is still great?  ___ ok. of his health ___ for you will have to take his place as principal.

Wenger and Hendrix – Blog Post 3

Durham, N.C.

Oct 30th 1890.

My Dear Mr. Hunter

Your very interesting letter was duly received.

I know all about what it is to be pressed for time. I very seldom have time to write a thoughtful letter to relatives or friends. I am really a-shamed of my neglect.

It is gratifying to know that your enrollment in so good that the prospective is even better. Our enrollment is very gratifying. We have enrolled 191 & our average last month was 163. Mrs. Johnson has more than she can see over and we have to employ an assistant. We have Mrs W. Gay. I feel that she will prove a very agreeable associate.

I would be glad there could be some help taken to secure to Durham the Agricultural School, but I am not well parted on to the proper manner to proceed to get [unclear] sentiment here aroused to the [unclear]-tance of such a thing if there is no one else here, of Col. so far as my observation extends that care too Sharron about it. I called Prof. Kennedy’s attention to the mailer and he promised me to see Mr. Carr but has not done so. I mentioned the matter also to Maj. Guchrie (?) but did not interest him in the matter. I share my to get in a few words with Mr. Carr myself.

Carrs{?) delayed acct. has not troubled me as much, perhaps, or it has y- although I acknowledge money matters have him very close with me of late. I never let a business [unclear] trouble me when I knew that I am dealing with an honest friend.

(Your acc June 4, (?)

By chains

0 13 al. (?) was coffee


__  .25




The health of my family has been pretty fair lately, they wish a kind [unclear].

My kindest regards to Mrs. Hunter and the children.

The docile(?) children were glad to hear of you. Hope you will get up soon.

Very [unclear],

Jon A. Whitted

Blog 3- Edom Tilahun

North Carolina Industrial Association, 1886 March, August-October
Box 1, Folder 1


C. City N.C.
August 24th 1886

Mr. George T. Wossow [?]
Goldesboro, N.C.

Dear Sir,

I received your letter a few days ago. I was glad to hear from you concerning of the fair. I will do all I can for it and glade to know that you are doing so much for the cause. As soon as I find out what can be doneI will let you know in time. Nothing more at present I will write you a gain soon. You’re Brother

Hough, Gale

Blog Post 3 – Morgan and Philip

Dear Mr. Hunter,

I hope you will have a good hour [unclear] and a good time tonight.

I have been kept [unclear] so closely any friend[unclear] that I have not attended to your business with Blaham [unclear] yet, shall try to see him today.

Did you intend to pass any of your grade had you continued with us? About when would you suggest to begin them in arithmetic?

Regards to Mrs. H and the children.

[???] etc.

Jas A Whitted

Durham, Aug. 27/90




Mr.  [???] Hunter

By the Children

Polson Blog Post 3

Durham N.C.

January 20(?), 1890

My Dear Mr. Hunter,

Your letter was only recd. and I trust that my tardiness in writing nowadays will not be attributed to indifference. We have held meetings every night this week excepting Monday night and after returning home I was always too tired to write.

I am pleased to note the interest you take in the school being located here, in the absence of good reason to suppose that it will be located in Raleigh. 

The aggregate of subscriptions by the colored at our last meeting was $1040, besides ten acres of land to be donated by Mr. R. B. Fitzgerald. Colored people we know, love to subscribe. 

At the mass meeting at the court house last night the president of Trinity College spoke very favorably of our getting the school – he professed to know something of the minds of some of the persons who could have the matter in hand. Rev. A.J. Chambers made a good talk. The Fitzgerald, with three white friends were appointed a committee to solicit subscription and report to our other mass meeting to be held on the 9th ???.

The Whites are trying themselves to get up so many new enterprises just now, that it makes our chances for subscriptions less favorable. Since the meeting last night however, our people seem more hopeful than ever of success.

I was sorry indeed that I could not arrange to get down to Raleigh but could not well do so, without neglecting a great deal that was important here. 

Mr. Bonham says that he sold the ??? on credit, and had not received the money, but promises to pay me $2.85 when I call at his office says he sold them on credit at $2.50/100, and keeps 25 cts. as commission.

With best wishes for your success, and desiring(?) to be kindly remembered by your very estimable family. 

I am ???

Jas. A Whitted

Black and Goldberger- Blog Post #3

Professor Hunter,

Dear sir,

All his old teachers of the Colored Graded School have just been reelected including yourself. The Committee added $5- for worth to your ruling meeting. $40.00 for worth instead of $35.00 as ????.  Hoping you will indicate at will – you as a planner of his position – then with next session.

I remain yours truly ??

Mr. A Guthrie

Professor Whitted, I regret today is still ??? OK if his health continues, for you will have to take his place as principal.



Blog Post 3 – Claire and Molly

Durham, N.C 9-10-1890

My Dear Mr. Hunter,

                Your very interesting letter was read several days ago and I wished(?) very much to apologize for a delay in answering friendly letters, but I am pressed to do so this time. My school work and the work in connection with the business of our association all coming on me at the same time, completely filled in all may time not allowing me sleep enough even to reciprocate __ for the __ of one day’s labor before another would be ushered in after me.

                I thank you for the interest you manifest in my work. My opening I consider very encouraging. Here I have enrolled at present 144, and the teachers seem very determined. I assure you very few ___ could have felt more pleased than i did to hear of your success. There is certainly no doubt about it, that it certainly lightens one’s work to feel that he can get a living out of it. I long(?) ___ you.

                It is a pleasure to know that the children were admired. They enjoyed their visit. Hope it will be followed(?) by your children. I parted with my things and shall part with the implicity (?) geralds (?) with great reluctance.

                Mr. Hall has returned from Little hoch(?). He will not take his family away – will stay here himself.

I would like to write more, but hand cramps for about every time.

Please remember me to Mrs. Hunter for and the little folks.

Very truly,

Jas. A. Whitted