Meeting Recap – To Dos for 10/17/2017

Tax List Transcription:

(JPG files in Box) – we need to transcript 109 on (odd numbers), first several rows as indicate in the spreadsheet

  • V: 109, 111,113
  • Claire: 115, 117
  • Leanora: 119
  • Hannah: 121, 123

Georectification Plans: (V and Helen)

  • Water maps from 1950s and 60s
  • Fire Insurance maps (1884, 1888) and research what is in UNC collections
  • Gray Map 1881 – to be coupled with census data and tax list as a research cluster

Water Photos:

  • scanning (Courtney)
  • review of Rencher collection maps  online and in oversized folder to see what we need (Courtney)

Geoserver Convo: V, T, H talk to Joel and Brian about plans for Geonode and Drumeka, digital storytelling apps


Infrastructure Plans for D2P3

Digital Durham Migration Plan:

  • Drumeka for the content, ported over from the original DD website
  • Geonode or other Geoserver for the Maps (to be georectified)
  • New Content:
    • Workflows for adding additional content? Links to existing Durham resources?
    • Additional Blog Site as a portal for Durham-related projects?

Course Site/Project Development:

  • WordPress for student-generated content in Spring 2018
  • Omeka/Neatline site for student exhibitions in Spring 2018
  • Google Sheets for initial data transcriptions from tax records
  • Duke Box for file storage and sharing
  • ZapAR for marker-based AR; Duke-sponsored online tour software for location-based applications
  • Possible physical mini-exhibition in Smith Warehouse (?) in Spring 2018

Other Partnerships:

  • Bull City 150?
  • Data+/Story+ for Summer 2018?
  • MA Student thesis options


September/October To Do:

  • Work with Brian and Joel to finalize plans for DD migration and schedule
  • Begin georectifying maps
  • Individual project work on tax record transcription, image scanning  etc.
  • Finalize syllabus  for Spring 2018
  • Advertising poster for Spring 2018 course (Bookbags open October 23)