Meeting Recap – To Dos for 10/17/2017

Tax List Transcription:

(JPG files in Box) – we need to transcript 109 on (odd numbers), first several rows as indicate in the spreadsheet

  • V: 109, 111,113
  • Claire: 115, 117
  • Leanora: 119
  • Hannah: 121, 123

Georectification Plans: (V and Helen)

  • Water maps from 1950s and 60s
  • Fire Insurance maps (1884, 1888) and research what is in UNC collections
  • Gray Map 1881 – to be coupled with census data and tax list as a research cluster

Water Photos:

  • scanning (Courtney)
  • review of Rencher collection maps  online and in oversized folder to see what we need (Courtney)

Geoserver Convo: V, T, H talk to Joel and Brian about plans for Geonode and Drumeka, digital storytelling apps


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  1. FROM HANNAH: In terms of knowing what’s already been done: NC Maps has digitized Sanborn Maps through 1913. However, the resource I was thinking of is published through Proquest. Their scans are black and white only ☹ but go through 1950 or so. Proquest has licensed these scans through Environmental Data Resources, Inc.: This company owns the entire collection, so we could potentially purchase (for how much, though) already digitized maps and license them as Proquest has done. The EDR site states:

    “Since the entire collection has been rescanned into a seamless digital mosaic, reviewing Sanborn maps as part of your historical research has never been more convenient or valuable. With Seamless Sanborn, your target property is centered in the middle of the Sanborn image, and the image will always be oriented north-up. With this improvement, turnaround time has been reduced, and the mosaic images integrate with other tools, like the online Sanborn Map Viewer.”

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