Blogs and Class Participation (25%)

Students should read all assignments before class and should bring laptops to class each session. Deadlines are as noted in the syllabus.

Research Paper

Details of this archival research paper assignment will be provided in class. Should use primary source materials in combination with class readings and other relevant secondary sources.

  • February 2: one paragraph proposal due on blog
  • February 9: research paper proposal due in Sakai  (graded)
  • March 9: research paper draft due as link from blog
  • April 1: final research paper due  in Sakai (graded)

Digital Durham Paper Proposal Guidelines

Paper Planning Details

Digital Project

The final digital project will build upon exercises we undertake in class. This might take the form of a timeline, website, digital map, mobile app or other digital media product. Digital projects will be usually be undertaken collaboratively.

    • Periodic digital assignments posted on the blog (see syllabus for details)
    • May 1: Final Digital project due during Exam Period. Includes an individual project reflection from each student.