Blog Post 3

Durham, N.C

August 22, 1890

My Dear Mr. Gunter,

                                                                                        Your teller was    used the other day just as I was standing up him for a few days vacation and I did not have time to answer it. I took Portia and Pearly up town and they enjoyed the night very much. They want to be in Raleigh at the time you mentioned and I suppose I must let them go for it will be their last seen of vacation for some time. *we found this part particularly difficult to decipher*. You spine (?) of coming up the lost of this lawn or the first of next, but if you go not before arrange to have someone meet them at our ___(?) on the 27th ___ (?) at our ___(?)is in the evening the certainty of ___(?) I will write you later I hope your work is pushing you now as I and is ___ so it will be  necessary for them to ___ .immediately.  I heard that our Bronl Lerred meet to elect your successor (?) yesterday but have both he and the ___ (?). ____ and also that that Professor ____ had send him his ____. He will go forward I am the ____ . We had quite a herazar-… (uncertain what next 4 lines say). Don’t allow any see my writing as they will consider the graded I have of Durham in a face of ____. By the ___ I ___ the Car… here of Alice for up to the long last hitch on ____. I have been nominated for the  ___ ___ ___ for the  Senate . Ben will soon here ___ day. My ____ and ___ of amid. 

Very ___

Jon S. Whirhead



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