Infrastructure Plans for D2P3

Digital Durham Migration Plan:

  • Drumeka for the content, ported over from the original DD website
  • Geonode or other Geoserver for the Maps (to be georectified)
  • New Content:
    • Workflows for adding additional content? Links to existing Durham resources?
    • Additional Blog Site as a portal for Durham-related projects?

Course Site/Project Development:

  • WordPress for student-generated content in Spring 2018
  • Omeka/Neatline site for student exhibitions in Spring 2018
  • Google Sheets for initial data transcriptions from tax records
  • Duke Box for file storage and sharing
  • ZapAR for marker-based AR; Duke-sponsored online tour software for location-based applications
  • Possible physical mini-exhibition in Smith Warehouse (?) in Spring 2018

Other Partnerships:

  • Bull City 150?
  • Data+/Story+ for Summer 2018?
  • MA Student thesis options


September/October To Do:

  • Work with Brian and Joel to finalize plans for DD migration and schedule
  • Begin georectifying maps
  • Individual project work on tax record transcription, image scanning  etc.
  • Finalize syllabus  for Spring 2018
  • Advertising poster for Spring 2018 course (Bookbags open October 23)

1875 Orange County Tax Records digitized!

The 1875 Orange County tax records collection we will be using for this project has been digitized and is available on the Internet Archive! One of our first tasks will be to think through how we can transcribe this information effectively for transfer into a database for subsequent analysis.  We will also want to begin collecting relevant contextual information around the year 1875.


Hello world!

The first meeting of the Fall Semester will be on Tuesday, September 5 at 10am in Rubenstein Library, Room 350. At that meeting we’ll identify sub-group areas and plan out our objectives for the upcoming semester.