Wenger Blog Post 1 – Introduction

Hello, everyone! My name is Tyler Wenger and I am a sophomore from Bradenton, Florida. I am going to be declaring a major in Computer Science with a minor in Education in the upcoming days. I have always had an interest in looking into how things have come to be. With Durham being my home for the next two and a half years, I figured there would be no better way to see what has shaped the city over the years than having a hands on approach that this course allows. Besides allowing this class to fulfill an education elective towards my minor, I am excited to discover the hidden gems of the city’s rich history. Another reason why I decided to take this course was that I adored Web-Based Multimedia Communications during this past Fall semester.

While at Duke, I have become involved with the tour guide program and love showing the prospective students and families around the campus. If anything, this class should allow me to share more of the history of the city to the guests. Additionally, I play multiple intramural sports with my primary being soccer and am a member of a selective living group.

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